Texture Tuesday – Snakeskin


Texture Tuesday featuring: snakeskin trends and one of our Luxe VIP pillows

Snakeskin can be worn in many different ways these days and we love it! This past spring, we saw a sudden resurgence of serpentine prints in neutral hues on all kinds of accessories, and were delighted to note even more snakeskin for fall, albeit with a twist. This time around, snake prints are available in a slew of bright hues, and can be found on everything from beautiful blazers and skintight pants to wallpaper and pillows. Of course, no matter if you’re a risk-taker or prefer a more classic look, you can always punch up your wardrobe (and home!) with some colorful snakeskin accents. We think clutches, and even jewelry, blend well with any seasonal outfit.

Used in moderation, snakeskin often adds a chic sense of style and intrigue in
both fashion and design. Because of its natural origins, snakeskin may often be
used as a textured neutral, making it an extremely versatile choice when styling fashion for your home of workspace.   Depending upon its color and surroundings, snakeskin can translate as sophisticated, edgy, sleek, and confident. However…be warned…too much snakeskin inserted in the wrong context may also translate as tacky. XO PG

Golden Yellow 1950's Silk with One-of-a-Kind Vintage Brooch

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Texture Tuesday – Yellow & Gray

Texture Tuesday featuring: yellow & gray trends and one of our Limited Edition pillows

Our latest obsession: yellow and gray! This trend has stuck around in the fashion and home decor world for a couple years now, yet continues to be fresh. Nothing goes better with gray, in our minds, than yellow. Adding a bright color with a dull neutral creates a beautiful color palette that looks good on all aspects of design. We cannot resist a yellow and gray pattern on anything! It looks classically chic on items around the home, yet looks exquisitely elegant on the runways. Mixing this trend with cream and black can also add some vintage spunk to the palette. So think bright and lively as you shop around for yellow and gray this season. XO PG

Vintage Gray & Saffron Linen Curtain Panel


European Golden Yellow Floral with Vintage Brooch

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