6 Tips to Freshen a Guest Room with Luxury!


What a whirlwind of an amazing Austin City Limits Festival!! How awesome was it to hear all that live music and come back to a cozy South Austin bungalow, high on a bluff above the crowds, nestled in the quiet, relaxing Zilker neighborhood. With tranquility awaiting you on a patio under a massive Shumard Red Oak tree and in a bright, contemporary guest room, what more could you ask for?


Our first time guests of The Collier Guest Room thought it was a pretty sweet deal – especially the Peacock Alley luxury sheets and the extra deep bathtub!


In fact, we lucked out with having THE best guests for both the 1st and 2nd weekends of ACL. Our first experience as Airbnb hosts could not have gone more perfect!

We are blessed indeed being first time Airbnb hosts and I’ve got some awesome texture, pattern and color to share with you, as well as some tips to make it easy for you to prep for your holiday guests, or if you want, for your first City of Austin Short Term Rental. (STR) Being that we’re “Empty Nesters” as of August, it was perfect timing for my hubs and I to jump right in with ACL. In fact, it was so successful, my husband David asked, “When are our next renters coming?”

So my friends, The Collier Guest Room is officially open all year round!


Now let me first preface this post with that I’m breaking ALL my own rules about Texture Tuesday being brief. This is NOT short. But IS filled with inspiring pics. Because frankly there’s been so much going on I have more posts to write and share with you than humanly possible. That’s why I’m trying write two posts a week now: Texture Tuesday and a Fabulous Friday for your weekend reading. But since i’m traveling this week to Philly for a family wedding, there is NO blog schedule this week, but I hope you enjoy this one, as i’ll be unplugged for the weekend. And next week I have an exciting interview coming up with Kristine Rodriguez of Responsive Textiles, who debuted her fashion line at NYFW.

So now that we pulled ACL renting off successfully, let me share with you 6 ways to create a contemporary luxurious guest room, with texture and color, in 2 weeks, which is about all we had once we realized people had booked our room the day it was posted.


But first, some back story. I have a lot of people to thank for helping my husband David and I to pull this off in such a short time: PL&D/Patrick Landrum Design , Peacock Alley, Bolt Fabrics, Accent Upholstery, my seamstress, and Room Service Vintage. But most of all I have to thank my dear friend Cynthia Bloom of Cynthia Bloom Collectible Jewelry who has been, along with her husband Jim, Airbnb SUPER HOSTS for 3 years with 145 5-star reviews (WOW!!) on their Heart of Austin listing.  If not for Cindy and our weekly “Festive Friday Lei Day” trips (below image) to Barton Springs Pool (BSP) to de-stress, I would have been renting in October with ZERO guests, because I had my dates ALL wrong.


Cindy Bloom and me at Barton Springs Pool (BSP) this summer for our weekly “Festive Friday Lei Day” R&R.

“But I still don’t see your listing?” So I told her what it was named and how we only had it open one of the weekends cause we’d be away at a family wedding the other weekend. Then she says, “but ACL starts the last wknd of September!!!” Me, “Gulp!!!! What!?!?”

I checked dates three times during the summer, but somehow I must have posted prior year dates. So boy, did we ever have to get on the move!! We didn’t have a month to get the room ready, we had just 2 weeks!! And below is what it looked like…..YIKES!!

(Important Note: No, we are not slobs. We are merely in a MAJOR life transition with our girls moving into their own apartment, having to squeeze into our tiny bungalow my massive trade show display shelving units, and having broken shades and curtains because we haven’t remodeled in 16 years! It was way overdue for a fresh look. (Now, NO judging as I show you the reality below. Also, these are not professional-quality photographs, as they’re taken by me.)

Our master suite BEFORE photo during a hectic life transition.

The BEFORE photo of our master bedroom we totally re-decorated in two weeks to rent on Airbnb.

But what’s a woman to do? NO one makes custom curtains and headboards with that short of a lead time. That’s where doing business with other small businesses for 30+ years and hiring a professional interior designer comes in handy.


The AFTER photo of our master suite, now rented as The Collier Guest Room. Quite the transformation, right?


Another AFTER of the other side of the newly redecorated Collier Guest Room at Zilker Park. Now look how handy those custom pillow display shelves turned out to be!! Just what we needed. Funny how things work out like that sometimes.

I couldn’t believe all the support we had from local small businesses to help us whip our guest room into shape. Thank you SO much!! You see, it was OUR master bedroom of our home we were renting and we had to move almost everything out of it, plus prep the girls old bedroom with a bed for us to sleep in. The only thing we ran out of time and money for, in such a short time frame, was to repaint it….but that can always come later (FYI: In case you’re wondering, the whole cottage deal fell through cause of city coding – a year long story, I will not bore you with).

But to apply for a STR license to rent a room in our home was a piece of cake. Just 30 days after our application we had out short term rental license. Thank you City of Austin!

Now onto those 6 steps to update your guest room any time of the year with a new, fresh contemporary look:

  1. Consulting with a professional interior designer is a great first step. I am ALWAYS amazed at how quickly an experienced designer can assess a room and help you figure out how to make the re-decorating affordable too. And little things like all the different measurements needed for replacing curtains.  (FYI: there are NO ready-made curtains in a department store that are over 96″). If you’re lucky to have a designer as great as Patrick Landrum of  PL&D/Patrick Landrum Design, you’re good to go. Cause Patrick picked me up one afternoon and we shopped for as many ready-made things we could find.

Here again is where an experienced professional interior designer knows things that often you might not stop to think about. It’s not instinctual for me, so having Patrick to help was essential to get me started creatively.

THREE things I learned from Patrick:

  • Matching lamps pull a room together, and the shiny metal (which I thought would overpower a linen headboard and my Grandmother’s antique matching dressers) reflected a lot of the colors in the room, particularly that fuchsia peacock feather center pillow and the over stuffed teal silk brocade pillows.


  • Mixed metals are very hot right now:  So don’t worry about having everything all gold-tone or all silver-tone. The below image shows a wonderful geometrical marble table in a gold finish….which the window desperately needed something, somewhere to rest a drink or magazines and it brought out the pattern of the custom curtains too. We also selected the same kind of warm metal, 3-dimensional loop look for the mirror but more in a brushed silver. And the loop handles on our antique bureaus are silver with an aged patina.
  • High/Low and New/Old create the perfect mixture for a high traffic guest room: We didn’t have the budget to go all out on everything, and since you don’t always know if a guest, or in our case renters, will treat your possessions as well as you do, we had to make some tough choices.  We took out anything of value that was irreplaceable, except the large, very heavy antique dressers and a couple paintings from our kids that were way up high. Mixing in less expensive contemporary items with more expensive custom and antique items created a wonderful fresh contemporary balance and helped keep costs down.


2.  Working with quality small businesses on which you can depend:  Often designers have their own workrooms, but usually they need more than 2 weeks lead time. I was blessed to have done all our re-upholstery 16 years ago with Dana at Accent Upholstery right down the street from me.  I had a great, durable linen textile in my own studio (Patrick’s suggestion), and as a long time customer, Dana just whipped that headboard out right on time beautifully! Thank you Dana!!

PicMonkey CollageTexture

3. Placing your custom drapery/shade and pillow orders immediately with vendors you trust implicitly.  Once we realized we were not going to find exactly what we wanted for the 110″ curtain length for the guest room (we did find some pretty curtains at 96″ for our family room, so we could close those while guests were on site so they’d have their privacy and so would we), again, I reached out to another local business, my very own secret seamstress for Deborah Main Designs studio. She created beautiful, lined, and black out (where no light comes in) curtains and I hand-stitched the brushed nickel rings in place.  She also whipped up some pretty dandy roller shades as I really wanted to keep the honey-colored burlap valances I had. (We had looked into quick custom shades but the lead time wouldn’t meet our deadline). Many thanks to my expert and speedy seamstress!


PicMonkey CollagePillows

And it just so happened I already had wonderful colorful and textured pillows for my window seat from Bolsa Bonita with pompoms and custom pillow designer Cheryl Coleman (who made that fabulous center peacock pillow!). And it just so happened, as a textile artist myself, Deborah Main Designs had purple and rich teal blue over-sized pillows that pulled all the above colors together in the room. I love how the pillows complement the colors in my Janis Joplin poster, cause I just had to put her on the wall for some vintage “South Austin Vibe” !


4. Keeping an open mind and letting the sales associates who know fabric make some recommendations.  I was thrilled to find textiles that worked perfectly for the drapes and shades at my local neighborhood fabric shop, Bolt Fabrics.  Melissa suggested a textile, that frankly to me, looked like band-aids and I think I even said to her, I would never think of selecting a fabric like that. Then she said, “Well, come on over here and see what it looks like as curtains”, and boy did I ever change my mind quickly!  I LOVE the modern pattern and that it picks up the golden colors in our wood flooring, shade valance, and bedding, but also adds a soft black, silver gray color to the guest room. And I was sure to run it by my interior designer Patrick Landrum of PL&D/Patrick Landrum Design  because he has that expertise in knowing how all the multiple parts of a room and the textiles selected come together. (You would think I would know this well being a pillow artist, but I’m out of my element when it comes to interior design. I leave that to the pros!)


5. Saving your budget for luxury linens for the bed and the bathroom: This was THE key decision I made to invest in luxury bedding. Many advised me not to….even our guests!

But the luxury bedding made all the difference. And one thing that’s always been a favorite luxury to me personally, is taking a hot bath and slipping into fresh clean sheets. And our guests loved BOTH!

I want to give a very special thanks to dear friend and long-time Deborah Main Designs supporter, Brad Cleveland, of luxury brand Peacock Alley and sales associate Levi Beaty up at the Dallas Outlet who provided these gorgeous linens that are absolutely perfect for the casual elegance I so wanted to provide our guests.  Peacock Alley provides incredible customer service and Levi didn’t miss a beat!!  Our guests LOVED the bedding!

Through the one-on-one customer service I received from Levi, this luxury bedding was delivered on our door step just in time.  And I couldn’t be happier with the recommendations by Brad and Patrick of the Carlo Matelasse Coverlet and Shams. Essential to our selection for both the coverlet, and the Mandalay linen duvet and pleated bed skirt, was that they all be washable, since we’d have guests coming in from ACL (which is sometimes a dust storm or mud bath weather wise!) And I fell in love with the gold Soprano Cuff Sheeting!!  I think the three together turned out to be just what I always dreamed of!





And Peacock Alley also provided the plush bath towels, bath rug, crisp white textured shower curtain and plush bathrobes.  And even a little gift for our guests! So let’s step right past Janis and into the guest room bathroom, shall we?






I know our bathroom tile is as plain as can be, but I’ve always loved my little one heron tile and the color complements the crisp white shower curtain and deep tub so beautifully. I just love the simplicity of the white and honey-colored caramel together.


Love the waffled texture on this stark white shower curtain by Peacock Alley.

6. Last but not least, adding just the right amount of amenities into your guest room: It’s the small personal touches of convenience that helps make your guests feel right at home, or rather treated royally like guests.  We did the standard coffee maker, Texas glasses, small refrigerator, and microwave. But I also made sure there were lots of magazines and brochures from the Austin Visitor Center in case our guests wanted to shop vintage or go to a nearby restaurant. We added a guest book, Lammes chocolate, a Peacock Alley gift candle, and fresh flowers. We even got them a gift certificate to our new neighborhood Gelato shop at the end of our street, Venezia Italian Gelato, which BTW, also serves a light Italian breakfast and great coffee!




Now this story really makes it all worthwhile!  My daughter and I had decided we needed just a touch of a theme besides music for the guest room, so while vintage shopping one day at Room Service Vintage, we decided on CARS, vintage cars.  And we bought a vintage ice bucket and 4 frosted vintage tall glasses with classic cars on them.  To our surprise our 2nd guests walked into the room and said they had the EXACT vintage glasses!  Now what are the chances of that happening?!?  It gave us a really cool personal connection to our guests which I think helped make them feel very comfortable and welcome.



In fact, and I will conclude this lengthy post with our 2nd guests’ one comment that caught our attention, their P.S. in the guest book (bought at long-time local small business, Paper Place)  was So which one of you worked at the Four Seasons?”

We took that as the highest compliment because our goal was to create a luxurious experience for our guests and provide excellent customer service. Both guests commented that we went “above and beyond’, and that is just how we wanted them to feel.


David and I would like to thank once again the FANTASTIC team that helped us pull The Collier Guest Room at Zilker Park together for our ACL guests, and future guests, to enjoy!  Here we are below, relaxing on the patio at the end of the crazy busy 2 weeks. But David and I can say with 100% confidence, that every detail was worthwhile and we look forward to our Airbnb guests returning next year.  Till next time, treat your house guests this holiday season to something extra special, XO PG



Texture Tuesday – Fur, Textiles, Chain and Janis


Well, leave it to me to have ALL my projects due at the same time! But isn’t that how the universe usually works anyways, where you’re juggling too many balls in the air and they all need to come together almost the exact same week, or even day?

That’s how it’s been for my husband David and I,  as we’ve been redecorating our master suite to rent as an Airbnb guest room for Austin City Limits. But not without an amazing team of experts like interior designer Patrick Landrum, my seamstress, and many local small businesses like Bolt Fabrics and Accent Upholstery, and even our refuge from all the chaos, Venezia Italian Gelato  right at the end of our street.

I think we’re going to Venezia once a day now to relieve stress and not just for Gelato, as they now serve a FAB breakfast. I so enjoyed the escape with a relaxing cup of hot tea, fresh pastry and proscuitto with gorgonzola breakfast sandwich. (And you can still have Gelato, if you decide to have dessert after breakfast, like my daughter and I did today…tee hee 🙂 ).

20160927_205334 (2)

Good thing we started this project 3 weeks ago and have been working with such a great team, because before I knew it my Friday art exhibition deadline was all of a sudden THIS week. So I’m juggling creating two new pieces of work to enter in the 30th Annual Materials: Hard + Soft International Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition, the delivery of luxury Peacock Alley bedding, installation of towel bars, smoke alarms, headboard and curtains, to planting flowers before the rains hit.  All by the time our first house guest arrives in 2 days!  It’s been a whirlwind, all culminating in some exciting opportunities and a helluva lot of fabulous color and texture.

Below is just a slight hint at the pieces I’m working on to apply for the art exhibition. This is a vintage cocktail dress with wonderful, creamy texture.


And ever since I went into Bead It, one of our neighborhood jewelry-making shops with almost all of it vintage, I am hooked!  I bought enough chain for any jeweler to create with, and I don’t even know how to make jewelry!!



A glimpse at all the incredibly delicious vintage trim, beading and chains, tons of texture and color options to make decisions with for my creations. I feel very fortunate to have had 12 years to collect all these rare vintage and antique materials to create my artwork at my Austin studio, Deborah Main Designs. Be sure to check out my new website!


Now onto the guest room redecorating project!!  Not showing you anything yet, but here’s a glimpse at some of the fun new textures we’re putting in the room to modernize it.  Before and after photos will be coming as soon as we can catch our breath after all this hoopla. But we’re very excited about becoming “licensed” Short Term Rental owners in our cozy 78704 hood, right up the hill from Austin City Limits (ACL).


20160927_203641 (2)


Sneak peek of an old Janis poster from my youth, headed for our guest room walls any day now.


Okay, one last story: It has gotten SO hectic that I had to totally laugh at myself today. I had this bobbin of thread in my pocketbook that was getting all tangled up in everything…..and I thought, why don’t I just take the stupid bobbin out??  Well, good thing I didn’t!

Today when I dropped off to the cleaners a vintage French bedspread (part of my collection) which I realized will be perfect for the full size bed we need to sleep in in our daughter’s old room while our guests are renting, I literally had to sew up a seam on the bedspread before they would accept it for cleaning. And good old Anthony’s cleaners (another Austin icon) had a needle right at the ready!

Now that was pretty crazy, but you do what you gotta do to get things done.  I can’t wait to show you the final result of our re-decoration of our master suite (now called The Collier Guest Room at Zilker Park on Airbnb) AND my two new creations for the art exhibition. I’m just praying I finish it all in time!!!


Bonus: I had my first sale (below) on my brand new website. Wrapped up in a big bow with a gift card for the recipient and shipped out today. Yippee! Thank you to all my dear customers!!  Hope you like the new site: www.DeborahMain.com. Watch for more holiday designs coming soon and details on an Open Studio this fall. Can’t wait to see y’all! Till next week, enjoy the sunshine and ACL, XO PG





Texture Tuesday Inspiration – Green and Gold


Hi Friends.  Starting up my Texture Tuesdays again. These are NOT long posts. Instead, they’re about inspiration.  You’ll see amazing color and texture detail – from nature, textiles, fashion, and jewels – that inspire me and I hope you too.

I’m actually working on inspiration for an art piece to submit for consideration in a national exhibition; deadline is September 30th.  I’m thinking a lot about it, but still patiently waiting for inspiration to strike!

How do you get inspired when you have an upcoming project deadline?

Join the conversation by following me on InstagramPinterest, and Twitter using the hashtag #texturetuesday. Please share what textures inspire you. Happy Texture Tuesday! xo PG





Gorgeous gold Costa Brava Gatz Candle Holders with chain and beads, by Rojo 16.



Friday Flowers & Trim – Artists Interpret Red Exhibition

20160706_170804 (2)

Well, I haven’t looked at the news today, but so far, I’ve not been able to do Friday’s Flowers & Trim for 3 weeks now due to terrorists attacks. I’m praying there was not one today (as I have some happy and sad news to share on the creative front) and my thought’s continue to be with all those families whose lives have changed forever.

So, today I’m trying to get back to some normalcy with my weekly summer posts.  This Friday’s Flowers & Trim is RED!!  And there’s an extra special reason why it’s RED.

I applied to my first local art exhibition titled “Artists Interpret Red”, and, to my surprise, I got in!!  I’m SO excited about this upcoming exhibit running August 4th – 27th.  The First Thursday Opening is THIS Thursday, August 4th, 5:30 – 7 p.m. at Round Rock Arts!

I’m excited for many reasons, but the primary one is because it brings me back to my roots of creating art through my pillows and doing more local shows so I can connect personally with all of you who’ve supported my work for twelve years.

rra-logo (2)

Here’s a link to info about the event Artists Interpret Red, and the info is also at the end of this post. ArtSpace is located in the Historic District of Round Rock at 231 E. Main Street, Suite 160, Round Rock, TX, 512-218-7099. I really look forward to seeing you!

Now onto the Friday’s Flowers & Trim and how that and the exhibit inspired my newest piece of work titled “Vintage Red Textiles & French Trim with Ruby Glass Brooch”.

Below are some of the vintage jewels, trim and textiles I had put together weeks ago for Friday’s Flowers & Trim (and then the terrorist attacks occurred).  But I also discovered the Round Rock exhibit so I took my cue from one of my all time favorite brooches that I bought at Amelia’s Retro-Vogue & Relics (which is sadly closing and being replaced with a storage facility.)

Austin, listen up!!  I have NO idea what I’ll do when I can’t bop around town to all my favorite funky vintage shops. It’s not only part of the very fiber of what makes Austin unique, but it is part of my whole inspirational routine!!

This is my one rant friends, so thank you for listening! As an artist, it really does break my heart and soul. Owner Jane Clarke has been a long-time supporter and mentor to me. I bought my first vintage textiles there and jewelry. Thankfully she’ll still be here, but you can appreciate how heart sick I am over losing my favorite vintage shop and what’s cool about Austin. Please watch this video by KXAN HERE about the Austin Creative Alliance’s future plans to preserve spaces for artists. You also can read more about it in the American Statesman HERE.

Now back to our regular program, today’s Friday Flowers & Trim.

20160706_170548 (2)

This brooch above, probably from the 1930’s, is a spectacular ruby red faceted glass piece with this interesting woven rope-like gold tone setting. It’s been in my jewelry collection for years never quite finding the right opportunity to create with it. I knew I’d use one textile in my Friday Flowers & Trim pic, but then remembered I had a vintage French textile and pleated silk too and all this other gorgeous vintage red French trim. The deadline to submit was July 18th at 5:00 and I just made it under the wire. Phew!

Please enjoy some photos and a sneak peek of the piece I created for the upcoming Round Rock Arts Exhibition “Artists Interpret Red”.  Click HERE for the Facebook invitation. I hope to see you at the opening, Thursday, August 4th, 5:30 – 7 p.m., but I know that with Austin traffic that may not be possible. The exhibit is up the whole month of August, so please stop by when you can. One exciting part of my piece is I found some great vintage chain at Bead It and was able to incorporate that too. Be inspired by RED and have a beautiful summer weekend! XOPG

20160729_142421 (2)

20160729_142321 (2)

20160706_170909 (2)

20160706_171257 (2)

20160729_142835 (2)

20160718_221404 (2)

About the “Artists Interpret Red” Exhibition:

rra-logo (2)“Throughout the centuries, color has been used as a vehicle for the conveyance of emotion. One of the strongest primary colors will be represented in ArtSpace as “Artists Interpret Red.” Our August offering of paintings, sculptures, photographs, sketches, textiles, and mixed media works portray a plethora of undeniably unique approaches.

Kathy Miller has infused a distinct sense of joie de vivre in her mixed media/fused glass piece entitled, “Let’s Celebrate!” On the flip side is the tiny dark encaustic “Dead End,” by Brian Kuntz, which is dark and somewhat horrifying. There are also many abstract versions of red artwork which will allow viewers to conjure their own interpretation of what the color red may evoke.”

About Artists Interpret Red

Friday Flowers and Trim – Red, White and Blue

20160702_152024 (2)

With Dallas market behind me (I’ll post that recap next week) and the holiday weekend upon us, I’m looking forward to some seriously fun relaxing time with family and friends. I don’t know about you, but truthfully, after a busy past 6 weeks and with this Texas heat I’m feeling INCREDIBLY lazy. I’ve been working hard on finishing up my new website which I hope I’ll be launching in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed.  Until that time, I have posted ONE of the four styles available of my NEW Linen and Wood Series HERE.

Today, it took everything I had to muster the energy to go to the store to get patriotic flowers (cause as you can see, last night’s shot below of half-dead roses was absolutely pitiful…lol…although the night sky provided some blue!).

20160701_205629 (2)

But we made it a fun family outing today for a neighborhood lunch, the grocery store, the library (where I stocked up on books and even got my 20 yr old daughter to get a book!) and then topped it off with a nice cool coconut and lime snow cone.

Now, all I have to do is sit back and enjoy reading my books. We’ll be heading up to see family tomorrow for the 4th, as I’m sure many of you might be too.  Safe travels and wishing you a fun-filled 4th of July. It also happens to be the 35th anniversary of the day I met my husband at a soft ball picnic. One lucky gal here!  Enjoy the red, white and blue textiles, vintage French trim, and silk scarf below and see you next week. Happy 4th of July and Independence Day! XO PG

20160702_151022 (2)

20160702_150929 (2)

20160702_155356 (2)

20160702_151059 (2)

20160702_153612 (2) 20160702_153808 (2)


Friday Flowers and Trim – Fuchsia

20160620_211024 (2)

Before I drive to Dallas for the Total Home & Gift Market, I’m squeezing in this week’s Friday Flowers & Trim with a simple fresh fuchsia bouquet my daughter brought to me after a trip to the grocery store with her Dad. She does the sweetest things at a time you least expect it…just spontaneous moments of joy. I’m a very lucky mother to have such an amazing loving, beautiful and smart daughter.

As I share this with you today, I had put my daughter on a plane yesterday for NYC for her first US travel by herself. It’s transition time in our home and family. My daughter Qin is meeting up with a friend for a two day K-Pop concert and conference. (If you haven’t heard of Korean Pop music, its time you looked it up. And if you have a daughter who listens to it every day, you’ll become hooked before you know it!) Then she’ll get to visit her brother in Brooklyn.

Besides unconditional love, I think there’s no greater gift you can give your children than travel, to see and learn about the world with their own eyes and through their very own life experiences.

This will be the first time my kids (20 and 27) hang out together for the first time as adults. It’s so cool to see their lives unfold! Parenting is humbling and I feel so honored to have had the privilege to raise my incredible children. And I’m super happy to see my daughter Qin  begin to spread her wings.

20160620_210746 (2)

So this Fridays Flowers and Trim is dedicated to my daughter. The most incredible person I know! Truly. I cant wait to see what she does in this world. One thing I do know, is she will spread a lot of love and joy, because she certainly has done that already every day of her life.

I’m headed up to Dallas now for market. Stop by to see some of this delicious vintage trim at our ‘Pillow Patty today from 1-3. Deets right here.  We’ll have one in Austin sometime soon too.

Please enjoy the vintage French trim we selected below, and a few pillows in fuchsia, to accompany this weeks floral bouquet.

When I get back from Dallas Im beginning my summer staycation and hitting Barton Springs Pool this week Wishing you a safe and happy summer friends! XO, PG

20160624_065732 (2)

20160624_070128 (2)


20160624_070038 (2)






Friday Flowers & Trim – Blue & White

20160613_115155 (2)

It’s been a difficult week in American history, and, like me, I know many of you have struggled with a range of emotions over the most shocking tragedy in Orlando. I was filled with anger, sadness, you name it. I didn’t know what to think or do, so I turned off the TV and planted this simple blue ceramic bowl with flowers and greenery. Getting my hands in the dirt helped me feel connected to our earth, our world and life itself. It was a simple gesture that helped me cope.

20160616_134421 (2)

In today’s Friday Flowers & Trim I bring to you blue and white and the many soft shades of blue in this short vase of hydrangea dappled in the late afternoon sun. I love the bountifulness of hydrangea. They’re so beautiful! Its like a flower filled with as many petals as possible on one single stem, like a giant pom pom of happiness.

I’d like to dedicate this week’s Friday Flowers & Trim to the beauty in each of the 49 lives that were lost that day.

20160613_114955 (2)

I’m still working my way through organizing hundreds of vintage French trim filled with an array of texture and color to make room for it in my tiny studio, but it’s coming along. As you can see there’s still tons of trim in the bottom corners of this image waiting to find a spot on the shelves.

I love this blue and white one below because to me it’s so classically French. I use these trims like a painter uses paints. This one inspired me to create a pretty design on white linen in my NEW “Linen & Wood” Series of artisan pillows that will be shipped to Dallas for Dallas Total Home & Gift Market next week. If you’re attending market, please be sure to sign up HERE for our quarterly newsletter and market announcements as we have a Pillow Party going on Friday June 24th and you’re invited! (Side note to all my friends and supporters in Austin. You won’t miss out as we will have a fun Pillow Party sometime this summer here at my studio.)


Please enjoy the other beautiful vintage French trim below. Whenever I’m in my studio creating my art, it blocks out the rest of the world and I find peace and comfort playing with all my vintage textiles and trim. I hope this week’s Friday Flowers & Trim gives you some comfort and inspires you too!  XOPG

P.S. If you’d like to start collecting your own vintage trim, I am culling trim and textiles in my studio and now have an Etsy shop called pillowgoddess. Each week I’ll be adding different trim and textiles that I enjoy working with in my pillow creations, but ones I can part with. Please check out my new Etsy shop, as I’d love you to experience the thrill of working with this delicious vintage French trim as I do.






Friday Flowers & Trim – Pink, Peach & Green

20160610_124148 (2)

With summer upon us, it’s time for a more relaxed blogging schedule. Today I introduce “Friday Flowers & Trim”.

As I’m reorganizing my tiny studio to make more room for my vast collection of vintage textiles and French trim, I decided to carve out a spot in the studio for beauty. I’d like to share that with you every Friday.

I have a window (yes, still original 1950’s windows in our cozy bungalow home) with my mother’s vintage sewing notions cabinet in front.  On top of it is my favorite vase – a tall, heavy cut crystal one passed down to me from the Main side of my family. Long stem roses are the best in it.

(Above the vase, in last week’s floral arrangement of fresh picked roses from our garden, is one of three Golden Boot awards for Best Home Accessories Designer from Austin Fashion Week and my fave photo of dear friend and expert milliner, Laura Del Villaggio of Milli Starr).

20160602_155642 (2)

Each Friday I’m going to treat myself to a fresh bouquet of flowers and share with you some of our delicious vintage French trim that complements the colors of the floral arrangement that week.

The week’s Friday Flowers & Trim is a soft creamy pink and peach tipped bouquet of roses with rich green leaves featuring lovely silk and cotton Parisian trim of varying widths and textures scattered around it’s base.

20160609_183940 (2)

See detailed images below of the vintage French trim.  And follow me on Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #fridayflowers&trim.  Have a great weekend friends!

Enjoy! XO PG

20160610_123732 (2)

20160610_123955 (2)

20160610_120554 (2)

20160610_124051 (2)


20160610_120604 (2)

What Do Linen & Wood Have In Common?


Deborah Main linen and wood pillows

Linen and Wood Pillows

“Pillow Goddess” Deborah Main made her High Point debut this spring in a display for Universal Furniture created by celebrity designer Kelli Ellis. The American-made linen pillows feature vintage French trim with wood that’s been hand-turned by Jeff Hornung of The Walnut Log, also handcrafted in the United States. Main is best known for meticulously handmade pillows incorporating textiles and embellishments of bygone eras, updated for a contemporary aesthetic.


Deborah Main
1906 Collier St.
Austin, TX 78704

The answer is pillows, but of course!!

If you’ve been following my blog for the past few years (Subscribe right HERE), you know I absolutely LOVE wood!!  Driftwood, dead wood, trees, the grain of wood, you name it, I love wood. And for 6 months, wood turner Jeff Hornung of The Walnut Log and I have been working behind the scenes on perfecting this exciting new collection. (I can’t wait to tell you what his pick up line was…lol!!)

So I just had to share this press piece, as I’m thrilled that Home Fashion Forecast editor Laura Van Zeyl spotted our BRAND NEW collection Linen and Wood (which will be on the new website coming soon!) that we custom made for celebrity interior designer Kelli Ellis’s installation for Universal Furniture during High Point Market.

Please enjoy a few pics, as I love how Kelli mixed up our Linen & Wood Collection featuring orange chenille vintage French trim, with our Redbrick Modern collection, a pair of cool blue and lime green graphics pillows, all on this gorgeous blue velvet tufted sofa, a new fabric line by Universal Furniture. Who doesn’t love blue velvet!?!

IMG_2410 (2)

IMG_2538 (2)

IMG_2447 (2)

IMG_2403 (2)

IMG_2508 (2)

Thank you so much Laura for naming our new collection “Linen and Wood” and featuring it in Home Fashion Forecast’s April 26th newsletter HERE!  Be in the know, and sign up to receive all of Home Fashion Forecast’s latest news on home design trends right HERE.

And many, many thanks to Kelli Ellis for asking me to design all her pillows for her beautiful display!

That’s one thing you can count on with our luxury brand, we at Deborah Main Designs, will take care of ALL your pillow decorating needs on time. Just ask Kelli!  So reach out to our studio and let us help you with your next project. 512.447.9807 or inquire@deborahmaindesigns.com

Ever hire an interior designer before? More coming up next week on the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer or consultant (believe me, you will want to pronto!) and what it’s like designing pillows for two interior designers and two shows at the same time. Absolutely thrilling!!! Till then, enjoy this beautiful spring weather and be safe #TurnAroundDon’tDrown in all this rain we’ve been having in Texas.  XO PG


Want to Win Your #favedeborahmainpillow at High Point?

2016-04-18 16 05 3513015637_10209401569061435_7357979330644355694_n

See ZAAR Design Center at the bottom of that white sign on the corner of that building? Well read on, for all the fun to be had tonight and the rest of High Point Market.



Where:  Penthouse Floor of the Lofts, UNION SQUARE party on Roof Top at ZAAR Design Center, Union Square, 410 English Rd, E 101, High Point, N.C.

When: Monday, TONIGHT, April 18th

Time: 7 -9 p.m.

Who With: Distinguished retailers, designers, manufacturers and hosts Calvin Klein Union Square, and Rene Cazares.

Libations: Hor d’oeuvres and selections of wine

After Party: We will be continuing the party at our showroom at ZAAR Design Center at Antiques by Zaar. So, IF you can’t make the earlier event, drop in at ZAAR later on. Excited to see a full house tonight!!

Libations: Buddha Beer is on ice and wine restocked.

Special Birthday Celebration: Alicia Connolly, of Alicia Connolly Designs, my dear friend who is responsible for the fresh new look in my showroom is having a landmark birthday next week. Birthday cake served. Come join us, the more the merrier!

Bonus Deborah Main Pillow Contest:  Along with the after party, Deborah Main is having a pillow give away contest that started yesterday, so join in the fun. When you come to ZAAR Design Center showroom, grab your FAVE Deborah Main pillow and get your photo snapped. See Rules Below!! (If you miss this party, you can still enter the contest at this showroom and the 20th Century by HKFA showroom all day Tuesday and Wed. And even at the Kelli Ellis Installation at Universal Furniture, because there’s 7 pillows there!)  See Rules Below!!


Simple rules to follow: 

  • Snap photo of yourself and others with #favedeborahmainpillow and post it on Instagram and Facebook and all over social media
  • Must post pic with 3 hashtags #favedeborahmainpillow #hpmkt #modernlookbook
  • Pillow Photo contest ends 5 p.m. Wed, April 20th; winner announced later that evening.
  • Enter as many times as you like, but you must use those hashtags. Tagging friends increases your chances of winning.
  • Ready. Set. Go. Win #favedeborahmainpillow!!!

Parking: Plenty of parking here today AND every day for ZAAR customers. Red bus stop 27 is just outside the building and of course there is the Go Anywhere bus.

ZAAR @ Union Square
410 English Rd, E 101
PH: 207 838 2675
(info gathered from a shared email blast via Ruth Olbrych )