Texture Tuesday – Inspiration Abound in Historic Boutique Hotel

Photography by Oxford Hotel via their website www.OxfordHotel.com

Photography by Oxford Hotel via their website www.OxfordHotel.com

Spring has sprung! Many consumers, average homeowners like myself, choose to freshen up their home in the spring via decorating with a new rug, colorful pillows, or a fresh coat of paint.  Some even embark on a partial or full remodel.

I’m happy to say, that after 16 years, my time has come and we’re about to start a partial remodel. But who knows, it may turn into a full kitchen and bath remodel by the time we’re done with it!

I’m VERY excited!! For many reasons, but the primary one being that everyone loves a fresh face, and besides needing a brand new roof, and some other non-exciting necessities, I can’t wait to make a splash of color and lighten up my home!  And I really want to share with you all that I learn and discover along the way. Also of note, the last time I did my home I was NOT a pillow designer, so it’s a whole new ball game now.

I’m also very excited to be enlisting the help of two of my dear friends, who just also happen to be very talented interior designers, Patrick Landrum of PL&D Design and Hjardeir Dunn of Hjardeir Dunn Design. As I am not an interior designer myself, it will not only be fun to work with them, but a great learning experience for me. I do not think like an interior designer, nor do I possess any of  the amazing expertise of interior designers, so it’s a real treat to learn all that goes into great design. Plus I have the incredible Interior Design Community, the brain child of Laurie Laizure of Customized Walls, to also lean on, as their support and advice has been invaluable!

Just by following my blog HERE, you will learn so much about design – from bathroom tile, to kitchen sinks, to lighting and more. I’ll write about design ideas, do’s and dont’s from industry leaders, my preferences, brands I love and recommend….well, the entire process really. So hang onto your hat, cause it’s going to be a fun ride through the summer! Who doesn’t learn from seeing what others do? I know I do!!  That’s why I plan to rely on many of the experts in the kitchen and bath industry and I look forward to sharing their expertise with you here.

But for this week’s #TextureTuesday I bring you a little inspiration from the historic Oxford Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

While on trips, my whole family always wonders WHY in the world I would want to take photos of the hotel bathroom!?!?  Well, you just never know where inspiration strikes!

So check out my pics of what inspired me then and now.  We already have a black and white bathroom, but like some homeowners, repairs are in order due to a leaky shower, so I’m dreaming about this bathroom right now.  And, while our master bedroom is a lovely shade of off-white, I DO love a gorgeous Wedgewood blue….or maybe even a sunny yellow.

I’m such a traditionalist at heart, I guess because of my Yankee roots, but it’s really the classic elegance mixed with a touch of modern luxury that I am most drawn to. And who doesn’t love a little luxury here and there!

Think about what areas in your home you’d like to add a touch of glamour and luxury to this spring. Till next week,  XO PG


I just LOVE this black and white bathroom. The classic vintage look that is for real!


Yes, I even take pics of the toilet paper, shampoo and soap!  To me, presentation is everything! Truly, I really care about it A LOT!!  And this logo and bathroom essentials has great classic packaging.


I’m sure there’s an official name for this classic antique black and white tile bathroom pattern above, and I’ll find out soon enough, but all I know is that I have always loved it!


I also love architecture! And while my home and studio is a classic 1950’s small bungalow, and I won’t be able to do grandiose architecture like this, you’d be surprised the little things you can do to achieve similar results. Like when we remodeled in 1999, our architect drew up all my design ideas and then threw in some of his own, and one is a very distinct “T” in the ceiling that links the kitchen with the living room with a fun breakfast nook. (I’ll show details of that in future posts when we’re working on the kitchen design). But I love the architectural details in the above image. The grill work in the skylight and railing are amazing. Just look at how much is going on in that one pic!!


A simple lamp on a gorgeous antique table can magically turn into a statement piece.  The architectural design of the table legs and claw feet are beautiful.


There’s nothing like a gorgeous pendant for dramatic lighting!  It’s like jewelry for the home, a familiar tag line I used when we first launched our Les Bijoux pillow Collection featuring wearable vintage brooches. And look at the detail of the ceilings edged in gold. I absolutely LOVE detail!!

In fact, when I first designed my home in 1999, not having any background in design or interiors, the one thing that struck me (after friends and family saw the finished house) was their comments “I love the details!”.  They kept pointing out to me details and texture of a kitchen door knob, or the fireplace mantel or the texture and alternating colors of the rattan shades in the breakfast nook.

And not then, but later on, much much later on, when I became a pillow designer, that “detail” phrase is what really stuck with me and helped me learn about my inner talents as a pillow artist.

I LOVE detail, especially textured detail in fabrics, design, art and architecture and I think it now shows up in my pillows at Deborah Main Designs.


Can you guess what this texture is above?  I saw a lot of blues, golds, creams and browns throughout this fabulous boutique hotel.  I’m not going to tell you yet.  But if you guess what this texture is and share this blog post daily on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media with the hashtag #TextureTuesday, I will take everyone’s name with the correct answer and do a drawing on NEXT #TextureTuesday, May 19th, where I will announce the winner of this wonderful coffee table design book, AERO, by Thomas O’ Brien.(read more about Thomas O’Brien and his studio in our blog post from last year HERE).


Read on our blog HERE about Thomas O’ Brien and receiving a copy of his book at my first Dallas #SneakPeek2014. It’s a fabulous inspiring book!

More #TextureTuesday detail of the dramatic drapery below in the hotel’s guest rooms.  Love the fringe (and I can’t help but think of the fabulous #TrimQueen when I look at ANY fringe now!) The pattern looks much like the vintage and antique French textiles and Passementarie we’ve collected over the years in our studio, Deborah Main Designs.


I love the classic elegance of this Wedgewood blue room and dramatic drapery in The Oxford Hotel. Photography via their website.

I love the classic elegance of this Wedgewood blue room and dramatic drapery in The Oxford Hotel. Photography via their website.

NOTE: I was not compensated in any way for this blog post. All images, except where noted, and words are my own.

Texture Tuesday – Style Spotting Trends at HighPoint

style-spotters-logoLooks like the Style Spotters at High Point market have been very busy this week selecting fabulous new designs.  Today’s #TextureTuesday features the amazing textures that I’ve seen at High Point through some members of the wonderful team of Style Spotters. Be sure to follow them. Most of them, if not all, are interior designers and/or design bloggers, so if you need some help styling your home, please reach out to this talented group.

Look around your home and see where you might be able to place one of these dazzling finds. I know I will! Till next time, please enjoy some of my favorite textures from a few of the 2015 High Point Style Spotters! XO PG

First up is a pair of sleek, ultra smooth, white vintage lamps I’ve had my eye on ever since I met  Heather Karlie Vieira of 20thCenturybyhkfa  via a weekly G+ Hangout with Laurie Laizure of the Interior Design Community (IDC). Spotted by Arianne Bellizaire. Great selection Arianne!

Spotted by Arianne. Two of my favorite matching vintage lamps. Photography by Heather.

Spotted by Arianne Bellizaire. Two of my favorite matching vintage lamps. Photography by Heather.

Next up is a GORGEOUS armoire by one of my favorite companies, By Koket,  that I learned about at the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show while I was on #BlogTourNYC.  I just love all the fabulous texture in the materials they use, from feathers, to gilded gold. Gee, Kati, you sure know how to pick them!!  LOVE this armoire….and I love the textural detail in how the peacock is spread across both doors!

Incredible gilded texture on this Camilia Armoire by one of my favorite companies I learned about at the 2014 AD Home Design Show. Photography by Kati.

Incredible gilded texture on this Camilia Armoire by one of my favorite companies I learned about at the 2014 AD Home Design Show. Photography by Kati Curtis/ByKoket.


Detail of the incredible texture on this stunning armoire!

Now if you need a new rug for your home this spring, style spotter, Beth Dotolo, has you covered. The high pile texture of this Nomad Collection of rugs by Loloi Rugs gives you many choices.
Spotted by ..... Wonderful texture in this gorgeous rug by...

Spotted by Beth Dotolo. Love the subtle colors and textures of these rugs by Loloi rugs.  Photography by Beth Dotolo/Loloi Rugs.


 Now style spotters Lori Gilder and Patti Johnson just happened to spot two of my favorite design companies, CMJS Creativ and By Koket. Completely different looks with CMJSCreativ on the handcrafted modern side, mixing wood, metals and glass and By Koket on the luxurious side mixing gold, black and rich texture.  Both are gorgeous picks!

Spotted by Lori Gilder, the Chandra Bar Stools By Koket. The elegance and drama in these bar stools is simply  gorgeous. I love how the back shows like a T, but curves outward. Incredibly unique design with textures galore! Photography by Koket/Lori Gilder.

Spotted by Patti Johnson - the fabulous CMJSCreativ cabinet, featured on our blog, with watercolor wallpaper by Black Crow Studios.

Spotted by Patti Johnson – the fabulous CMJSCreativ cabinet, featured last week on our Pillow Goddess blog, with watercolor wallpaper by Black Crow Studios. Photography by Patti Johnson/CMJSCreativ.

I apologize for not having time to squeeze in more of the selections from all the savvy style spotters, but I’ve got a rush order to get out to Kentucky today. Stay tuned for more on that in the Deborah Main Designs newsletter and on our blog. Please take time to explore these designers websites and blogs, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter so you can see more of the designs and trends they spotted at High Point. For a complete list of the 2015 High Point Style Spotters go HERE.
Last, but not least, is a cozy armchair, spotted by the talented interior designer, Leslie Hendrix Wood, that you can easily incorporate into a casual or elegant living area. Have fun looking at all the hottest designs at High Point!
Spotted by Leslie Hendrix Wood of the award-winning blog, Hadley Court is this simple, yet elegant arm chair. Photography by Leslie Wood.

Spotted by Leslie Hendrix Wood of the award-winning blog, Hadley Court is this simple, yet elegant arm chair. Photography by Leslie Wood.

Note: All images are photographed either by the style spotter themselves, or the company featuring the spotted product.  I wanted to get this out to you before High Point market ended on the 23rd, so if I’ve made any errors, please let me know. All opinions are my own. Thank you for reading my blog!

Texture Tuesday – Vintage French Modern Tribal

Deborah Main one-of-a-kind "Vintage French Modern Tribal" entered for "Invincible Me Pillow Art Challenge". Photography by Gregg Cestaro on location at John-William Interiors, Austin, Texas.

Deborah Main “Vintage French Modern Tribal” one-of-a-kind luxury pillow entered for “Invincible Me Pillow Art Challenge” at the Boutique Design West Fair (BDWest2015). Photography by Gregg Cestaro on location at John-William Interiors, Austin, Texas.

Is there such a design trend such as “Vintage French Modern Tribal”?  Well, I’m not quite sure….you’ll have to let me know what you think. At least that’s how my pillow creation turned out for the upcoming Boutique Design West 2015 Fair “Invincible Me Pillow Art Challenge” and what I’m going to call it.

“The “Invincible Me Pillow Are Challenge” is for a charity dedicated to fostering the hidden talents of battered women and providing support needed to build confidence and a better life.” - BDWest Fair.

First off, I must thank friend Candy Holladay of Art of The Spa, my Twitter pal who loves all things vintage and has the most amazing spa brunch podcasts. She suggested I enter the contest.  So I did. Shipped the pillow off today and the silent auction will take place at the BD West Fair on April 9th.

Now, I have NO idea whether my pillow creation even falls into the parameters of this contest because there were no real guidelines except “Design a pillow not to exceed 100 pounds and can be up to 165 inches in length and girth combined.” Now THAT’s a large pillow!!

But I DO love a pillow challenge…especially when I have no clue as to what I’m going to create!

That’s why it’s a challenge to me, because it’s a process that takes me, as the artist, on a creative journey through the:

  • research and thinking stage,
  • inspiration stage,
  • experimentation and creation stage, to the
  • “Aha, I’ve got it!” production stage.

I absolutely love it when the design process all comes together – that’s the most wonderful creative euphoric feeling for me!  And I love to explore all different textures and colors with textiles that are vintage or new, re-purposing them into one-of-a-kind pillows.

So for this week’s #TextureTuesday, I thought I’d take you on a little textural journey of my creative thinking process so you can see how and why I select the materials I do for a particularly design and what all goes into making a Deborah Main one-of-a-kind pillow – particularly this Vintage French Modern Tribal one for the Pillow Art Challenge.  Let’s just say, there’s a whole lot of thought, creative textures to work with, trial and error, panic (if there’s a deadline!), late night meticulous sewing marathons, and just pure joy for being able to do what I love – create beautiful luxury decorative pillows for you that, in and of themselves, tell a story.

So, sit back and relax and enjoy the making of this highly textural “Vintage French Modern Tribal” pillow for the “Invincible Me Pillow Art Challenge” taking place at the BD West Fair in the San Diego Convention Center April 8-9, 2015.

My Thought Process (aka “Research & Development) – The very first thing I did was think of some color groupings that I wanted to work with and I even received some input from Facebook friends, thank you!  I loved all the vintage and new textiles in my collection, and it was a pretty close tie on all except the orange…

But the most interesting textures for me were in the gray/black color grouping.

Green/yellow Color Grouping

Deborah Main Designs’ Green/yellow Color Grouping

Deborah Main Designs' Blue Color Grouping.

Deborah Main Designs’ Blue Color Grouping.

Deborah Main Designs' Orange/Brown Color Grouping.

Deborah Main Designs’ Orange/Brown Color Grouping.

Deborah Main Designs' Gray/Black/Brown Color Grouping.

Deborah Main Designs’ Gray/Black/Brown Color Grouping.

The second part of my research was the hospitality industry and Boutique Design West Fair, so I researched the exhibitors and the websites of the “2015 Boutique 18 Honorees” . That gave me a really good idea of what kind of colors and textures are on trend for hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

In fact, researching BD West Honorees’ design work, which was really inspiring, kind of set the mood for my whole creative process.

I knew I wanted the pillow to be modern, but this was an “art” challenge, so I had to figure out a way to make it both modern and artistic without being too froo-frooey. So no vintage jewelry and no curly ribbons for this design….it had to be elegant and contemporary for the modern clean lines in the hospitality industry spaces.

The Inspiration Stage – I was really inspired by all the colors and textures I saw on the websites of many of the 18 hospitality design firms being honored in 2015. I saw a lot of wood, metal, and warm gray and  copper colors. So these vintage, re-purposed and new textured textiles, trim and belt below really inspired my pillow design.

I wanted to handcraft a pillow that not only featured my signature style of texture and color, but also maintained the clean modern lines of hospitality spaces.


The Experimentation & Creation Stage - Keeping the color palette in a contemporary gray, I re-purposed a putty gray designer fabric sample as my canvas – a crocodile-pattern textile by the family-owned Italian company, Dedar (below).


For artistic ornamentation, I selected one of my favorite black, vintage French metallic trims in an Art Deco pattern (below). This particular trimming is from a vast collection of rare vintage French trim that I’ve collected from old European factories that no longer exist.


Inspired by the warm colors of luxury boutique hotel interiors, I placed a copper mesh ribbon underneath the French trim so that the color peeks through the intricately cut metallic pattern. Below is the back of the mitered corners with the copper mesh sewn to the vintage French trim. I tried some vintage French lace (above) as the backdrop but that’s what the experimentation stage is all about – trying different materials and textures. I loved the lace texture, but as you read further down, I changed it a few times to get the exact look I was after and it resulted in replacing it with an ultra-soft vintage fur.


Below is the vintage belt that I’ve had in my collection for quite some time now, just waiting for the perfect project!

The texture of this belt with the shiny black leather and black and golden wooden beads really spoke to me….and became the driving force of my design. 

I took it to one of our great local small businesses, The Golden Slipper, to get it cut and properly prepared so my vintage Necchi sewing machine (which is not industrial) could sew on the leather.  The belt leather was too thick, so I had them attach a thinner leather on each end.


Here I am, below taking the exact measurements of the rectangle frame I created so the belt would line up perfectly flush with it.


Here’s my vintage sewing machine where I’m sewing the copper mesh ribbon to the back of the vintage French trim. (My machine is graced with fun stickers my daughter put on there when she was about 10 years old, when she asked if she could put her sewing machine right next to mine in my studio. Now we design together. I’m so very blessed with such an amazing loving and talented daughter! The top sticker says “I love my Mom”. )


 Here is the final frame I sewed together (below) for the centerpiece of the pillow, the vintage French Art Deco pattern trim with a layer of copper mesh underneath.  I’m not exceptionally talented when it comes to mitering corners, so I thank my expert seamstress who gave me an emergency lesson.  It’s kind of like zippers…not my favorite part of sewing, but must be done absolutely perfectly!20150325_222508

 The “Aha Moment” Production Stage – It was really after I put the copper mesh ribbon underneath the vintage French trim that I had my first “Aha moment”.  I then knew exactly which textile would be perfect to give the pillow that modern sensibility – a new copper and black, diamond-pattern silk brocade that I hand-selected in Suzhou China (below). And then my second “Aha Moment” came when I remembered I had the vintage Chinchilla fur.


The artistic process of creating the centerpiece, working with black Victorian lace at first, soon evolved into a four-layer applique I meticulously handcrafted. A richly textured, vintage black leather belt with warm golden wooden beads was my focal point to be framed by the vintage French trim. To offset the organic nature and movement of the beads, I contrasted the textures by creating an ultra-soft, luxurious bed of vintage Chinchilla fur (instead of using the lace).

Suddenly, my applique was transformed from a vintage French design into a tribal centerpiece with a definitive global, yet elegant and modern look and feel. How perfect I thought for the international clientele of the hospitality industry.


 You can see here how these textures captivated my creativity!  I love how they are all so very different from one another.  All I had to do was figure out a way for the fur to not come up between the beads. The beading needed to present itself in the clean, modern lines that I wanted the belt to demonstrate as the focal point of the applique centerpiece.  Easily solved with a backing of black thick fabric for stability of the beads.


 Here I am hand-stitching (below) the applique I made for the pillow’s centerpiece onto the putty gray crocodile top fabric.

I’m particularly proud of this image below (tongue in cheek of course!) because I was able, late at night, to take it with my nose. Yup, that’s correct….it’s hard to take pics of yourself sewing if you don’t have a tripod….so my long pointy nose came in handy indeed! :-)


I am very proud to enter my one-of-a-kind luxury pillow “Vintage French Modern Tribal” for the “Invincible Me Pillow Art Challenge” and have it auctioned off at the BD West Fair to help raise funds for women, not as fortunate as many of us, who are working hard to become strong and  “invincible” through rediscovering their independence and self worth. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to create and donate!

What I love most about creating one-of-a-kind luxury pillows is the surprising transformation that comes from mixing together new and vintage materials, which alone make one statement, but when combined, create a totally new and different experience with multiple layers of depth and texture.

Now please enjoy these gorgeous images below that award-winning photographer Gregg Cestaro took of my pillow on location at John-William Interiors, a long-time Austin fine furnishing and design center.  Follow along on social media April 8th and 9th, and if you are IN San Diego and attending the fair, please go bid on my pillow and many others to help this charity.  Till next time, when we take a peek at the upcoming Highpoint Market, enjoy the spring weather! XO PG

Deborah Main Designs by Cestaro (4)


Deborah Main Designs by Cestaro (5)

Deborah Main Designs by Cestaro (7)


Deborah Main Designs by Cestaro (8).jpgcropped


Deborah Main Designs by Cestaro (6)

Deborah Main Designs by Cestaro (9).jpgCropped



Texture Tuesday: Tinkering with Texture for Pillow Art Challenge


Happy #TextureTuesday friends! It’s that time of year again to step outside my comfort zone. Yesterday, I decided to enter a “Pillow Art Challenge” sponsored by #BDWest, a boutique design trade fair in San Diego April 8-9, 2015. The trade fair focuses on design in the hospitality industry with some boutique hotels, which is a group I’ve always wanted to learn more about. Here’s a press release announcing “Boutique Design Magazine Announces Boutique 18 Honorees for 2015″. Quite an impressive list! I’m enjoying perusing their websites for inspiration and at Krause + Sawyer I learned about Tracey Sawyer and a product company she founded called The Nought Collective.  I really enjoyed reading about their handcrafted rugs!

Photo from The Nought Collective website.

Photo from The Nought Collective website. I love all the texture the picture captures!

A dream of mine one day is to have a Deborah Main luxury pillow on every bed in a boutique hotel. 

And I’d love to be able to find a way in the future to give back to the world community like so many wonderful businesses do, helping craftsman and women all over the world.  I love donating pillows to silent auctions to help raise funds for so many wonderful charities, but I always feel there must be something else I can do as well.

One great thing about this “Pillow Art Challenge”  – the proceeds of the sales of the pillows benefit “Invincible Me”, a charity dedicated to fostering hidden talents of battered women by providing support to help build their confidence and life skills.


Above is some of Deborah Main Designs‘ vintage French trim in a textured neutral weave and a wonderful raised orange chenille weave.  This is just a fraction of the vast collection of traditional and modern vintage French trim we carry. Isn’t it yummy?

Below is a fun orange, tan, white and brown mid-century Tiki print that was very popular. I was thrilled to be able to score an entire bolt of this textured fabric. I tried to get a real close up image so you could see the textured weave. Very linen like, but this is more of a Barkcloth-type textile.


 I thought by entering the “Pillow Art Challenge” it would help me learn more about the hospitality world – which is everything from large hotel companies and luxury resorts, like The Four Seasons, to boutique hotels, like Austin’s own Hotel San Jose, (which I’m sure many SXSW fans are staying at when they descend upon South Congress this Friday!) to spas, like Travaasa Resort & Spa, a beautiful hill country retreat I can’t wait to escape to one day.

So today, in my studio, I started tinkering with these textures to get the creative juices flowing for my one pillow to submit for the “Pillow Art Challenge” entry. Let me know what you think and enjoy the textures I selected below for today’s #TextureTuesday.  And if you’re in Austin for SXSW have a blast and enjoy strolling around our fun city (I love to go to the vintage shops!) and catch plenty of free music. I heard the weather is supposed to be puuurty, so that’s on my list this wknd. Till then, enjoy! XO PG


Above is a very cool 1960’s deep orange rust textile that would look great with a shocking pink behind it or something a little more subdued.


Don’t know if you know that Deborah Main Designs makes custom pillows, but we do. Please contact us anytime at 512.447.9807 or inquire@deborahmaindesigns.com. and we’d be happy to design something unique for you.  I layered this fun hemp-like weave, above, over black faux crocodile suede for a custom pillow we made for a local interior design project.  It turned out very cool, which gives me some ideas.  Back to the studio! :-)


Texture Tuesday: Bunny Williams Inspiration

2014-03-21 12.55.34[6]
Just one snapshot above of all the texture in Bunny Williams’ store, Treillage in NYC. I love the grill work behind the table and the huge textured urns.

Right about now, tis the season to be reminiscing about the incredible #BlogTourNYC I attended, in March of 2014, at the special invitation of the Goddess of all blog tours, the Ms. Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus. Modenus is a digital platform for design professionals, and enthusiasts and Veronika adds to this platform by taking design bloggers ALL OVER THE WORLD (I kid you not, more design bloggers just got back from Germany and are now blogging about all the amazing design they saw at Ambiente, the largest international trade show in the world. You can follow them HERE). To refresh your memory, or if you’re new to my blog, you can read many of my blog posts about  last spring’s BlogTourNYC (April/May 2014) and see the line up here: Modenus Blog Tour NYC.

Also, I”m reminiscing because Atlanta just had their Design Blogger Conference and Bunny Williams, whom I adore, was one of many wonderful speakers.  There were so many wonderful sponsors of my trip last year, that I ran out of time and I never had the chance to tell you about our last day on blog tour spending an entire morning with Bunny Williams. So you’ll be in for a treat over the next few weeks as I intersperse all that happened on that special  last day of #BlogTourNYC.

But for #TextureTuesday I’d like to share some of my favorite texture finds at Bunny Williams’ store Treillage.  Bunny is such an inspiring woman, interior designer, entrepreneur, you name it and I would have loved to hear her speak at the Bloggers Conference.  (Here’s one recap of the 2015  conference from  Team  Hadley Court – Leslie Hendrix Wood, Leslie Carothers and Lynda Quintero-Davids – who all were at the 2015 Design Bloggers Conference last week.).

So sit back and enjoy all this delicious texture and tune in Thursday for more on Bunny Williams and how inspiring she is. Till then, XO PG

2014-03-21 12.59.03[5]

I love the texture of this brown braided pitcher and the rim of these gorgeous green plates.

2014-03-21 12.14.32[3]

Here’s a peek at some of the bloggers from the 2014 #BlogTourNYC with Bunny Williams as our gracious host and speaker for an entire morning.

2014-03-21 13.27.56[4]

A detail above of the fabulous texture in one of Bunny’s hottest rug designs.

2014-03-21 13.18.38[3]

All the staff and her hubbie, John, were so gracious and had this delicious spread of food awaiting us and more on this gorgeous antique table.

2014-03-21 13.18.11[4]

This is the textured legs and feet of the above antique table.

2014-03-21 13.18.22[4]

A detail of the ornate and intricate carvings of the antique table above.

2014-03-21 13.44.26.jpgDetail[4]

Look at all the texture on the walls and hanging from the ceilings. I could have spent HOURS in Bunny Williams store, Treillage! Above is one of her best selling chest of drawers with the detail below. All of Bunny’s selected items in this post can be found on her website Bunny Williams Home.

2014-03-21 13.06.58[7]


2014-03-21 12.58.05[4]

I love this painting and how Bunny hung it on a textured blanket!  What a unique way to present a painting on a wall.

2014-03-21 12.59.52[4]

Here’s that fabulous textured rug again with a lovely blue ceramic stool.

2014-03-21 13.24.23[3]

That’s just a peak above of the entry way to the outdoor patio with furniture and treasures. I’ll leave you with this final texture that I selected below as one of my Best of Blog Tour NYC Finds.The vintage Barcelona Outdoor Chair. I bet you can’t guess what texture that is?  Let’s just say I was blown away the minute I sat on it!.

2014-03-21 13.02.40.jpgDetail[3]

And here’s a pick of Bunny and me below. Subscribe to my blog HERE to find out the deets on this Bunny Williams Barcelona Chair design and more on Thursday’s blog or take a peek here.

2014-03-21 12.50.28[5]

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by any person or company for this post. All photos (except where noted) and views are my own.

Texture Tuesday: Elie Saab Inspiration!

Phew, glad the #Oscars2015 are over! After Downton Abbey, It’s like another familiar winter milestone getting us closer and closer to spring. And for the east coast, it sounds like this year it can not come soon enough.

I’m not going to do any recap here about the Oscars because it’s been talked about and Tweeted enough already, but congratulations to all who won and all who were nominated. Instead…..

For #TextureTuesday I would like to share the one gown that inspired me.

There were many beautiful gowns in celery green, pink, navy, silver, red and more – and yes, Reese Witherspoon, I totally agree,  women absolutely are “more than our dresses”.

But, for now, onto that one inspirational gown for #TextureTuesday.


Academy Award Nominee, Emma Stone, in a gorgeous, celery green/chartreuse beaded gown by designer Elie Saab. Photo by EOnline.com.

Texture and color are my thing!  It’s what drives my design inspiration. I’m not alone, and fashion plays a predominant role. Whether it’s a beaded gown or a textured fringed handbag, fashion has always been a huge inspiration for me and other home decorators and interior designers. So once I saw Elie Saab’s gorgeous beaded gown above, worn by the spunky Oscar nominee, Emma Stone, I knew exactly what textile I was going to go grab in my studio and start working on. I was not only blown away by the color, but the texture as well.

Here’s why:

Detail of 1960's gown I have in my studio stash at Deborah Main Designs. Photo by Deborah Main.

Detail of 1960’s gown I have in my studio stash at Deborah Main Designs. Photo by Deborah Main.

Perhaps now you can see why the most talked about dress on the red carpet was so inspiring to me. Some press are calling it chartreuse, others celery green. My vintage gown (full pic below) is actually a little toward electric celery green, because it is sheer, with gold metallic thread stripes and a bright green fabric underneath. Great color and texture!

Either way, with this vintage gown in stock, I can’t wait to get started on creating luxury pillows. We here at Deborah Main Designs have a very curated collection of new and vintage textiles and we love nothing more than re-purposing a torn vintage dress, like this one below, into one-of-a-kind luxury pillows.

So enjoy a little #TextureTuesday inspiration and come along for the experience – from inspiration by Elie Saab’s gown to a 1960’s gown from Deborah Main Designs’ textiles – and watch how a vintage dress is expertly handcrafted into a luxury decorative pillow for you to enjoy in your home. (Vintage Stetson hat not included.) Till next time, be inspired! XO,PG


From our curated vintage collection, a 1960’s sparkling gold and electric celery green gown with nehru collar and gold braided trim. Photo by Deborah Main.

(Please note: This vintage dress is not a comparison in any way to the gorgeous gown designed by talented fashion designer Elie Saab’s. It’s instead, one of Deborah Main Designs’ #FabulousVintageFinds of a textured and colorful gem that I discovered on one of my hunts at Flashback Vintage Boutique in Austin.)


Detail of the gold braided trim on the 1960’s gown in Deborah Main’s textile collection. Follow PillowGoddess.com to see it transformed into a luxury one-of-a-kind pillow. Photo by Deborah Main.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by any person or company for this post. All photos (except where noted) and views are my own.



Texture Tuesday – A Nod to Mod!

This past Valentine’s weekend was a love fest for sure in sunny Palm Springs, California. It was the beginning of Modernism Week, and from what I hear and see, the opening weekend was a smashing success! Think gorgeous weather, cool blues and greens like this pool below, and breathtaking mid-century design and architecture.

Frank Sinatra's house and 100th birthday celebration at Modernism Week, Palm Springs. Photo by Michael Ruvo.

King of the “Rat Pack”, Frank Sinatra’s house,  at the  “Centenial Birthday Party of Old Blue Eyes”  at Modernism Week, Palm Springs. Photography by Michael Ruvo.

I wanted to be there sooooo badly!! But, like me, if you can’t get out there, follow @modernismweek, @ckennedydesign and @parkerkennedy on Twitter (and hashtags #ModernismWeek and #ChristopherKennedyCompound) and you can keep abreast of everything from homes to tour, cocktail parties to attend, films to watch – everything under the sun that celebrates mid-century architecture, design, and more.

The fabulous Modernism Week, and the much anticipated Christopher Kennedy Compound,  kicked off on February 12th with a 1960’s themed cocktail party (Oh, how I would have loved to wear one of my vintage 1960’s dresses to the party!) and runs through Sunday, February 22nd.  So it’s not too late to hop a flight to THE festival of the year in Palm Springs!

In honor of this incredible annual event – bringing together designers, architects and people from all walks of life to celebrate, share and learn all about mid-century modern – here is a peek at amazing showcased designs for #TextureTuesday. 

Modernism Week Show House 2015: The Christopher Kennedy Compound

There's no denying that the den, designed by brilliant duo Lance Jackson

Detail of den designed by Parker Kennedy.  You get just a peek at the fabulous couch that everyone’s talking about with textiles by Robert Allen. Photography by Brandon Smith of D Coop Media.

There’s no denying that the den, designed by brilliant design duo Lance Jackson and David Ecton, of Parker Kennedy from Atlanta, showcased in The Christopher Kennedy Compound, was a HUGE hit.  They knocked everyone’s socks off with their impeccable detail and all the fabulous color and texture. You can see a glimpse of the couch and pillows with gorgeous blue textiles from Robert Allen. I love the vintage amber glass and the gold spikes of the atomic star burst sculpture in Brandon’s photo. You’ll be able to see more gorgeous photos in future posts on Brandon’s blog D’Scoop and maybe even in his luxury online magazine, The Twenty Six.

 Bedroom was designed by Mark Cutler.  Canopy bed was made by Mike Ragan/RAGS.

Bedroom designed by Mark Cutler of Los Angeles with beautiful Robert Allen textiles. Canopy bed made by Mike Ragan of RAGS. Photography by Brandon Smith of D Coop Media.

I love the textured pleating in this divine chartreuse canopy bed and the leather pillow balls.

More delicious details of THE couch that everyone's talking about designed by Parker Kennedy with Robert Allen textiles.

Close up of  delicious details of THE couch that everyone’s talking about designed by Parker Kennedy with Robert Allen textiles. Artwork above by San Francisco artist, Rex Ray. Photography by Brandon Smith of D. Coop Media.

If you’ve been following my blog or are familiar with my work at Deborah Main Designs, you know that I absolutely LOVE vintage and mid-century.  Nothing thrills me more than to discover a tattered 1950’s or 1960’s cocktail dress that I can transform into a one-of-a-kind luxury pillow. Or, even better, an entire bolt of mid-century fabric like this Redbrick Modern Limited Edition chain link pillow below.

So, unless you’re jet setting it out to Palm Springs this week, please pine away with me in anticipation of all the fabulous photos from Modernism Week coming out soon in Traditional Home. and California Homes magazines. Till then, a big congratulations to Christopher Kennedy and all the designers involved in creating a top notch festival! So inspiring!!  XO PG

Mid-century chain link pillow backed with chocolate faux ostrich. Modern Home Tour Austin. Photography by Gregg Cestaro.

Mid-century chain link pillow by Deborah Main; backed with chocolate faux ostrich. This pillow was featured in the 2011 Modern Home Tour Austin. Photography by Gregg Cestaro.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by any person or company for this post. All photos (except where noted) and views are my own.


Texture Tuesday – Winter White

Wintry white conditions have persisted in the mid-west and on the east coast amidst one snowstorm after the other. So I thought it was a good day to see some of the wonderful texture that comes from #WinterWhite. I happened to find some wintery product photos too from #SneakPeek2015 at Dallas Market that fit in nicely with this theme. Tune in Thursday (You can subscribe to Pillow Goddess HERE) for more details about some of the showrooms and products I saw in Dallas. Till then, enjoy the photos, stay warm and go out and play in the snow if you can. You never know how happy making a snow angel will make you feel on a gray day! XOPG

Snapshot of a winter white out during snowstorms on Long Island. Photography by Susan Serra of Susan Serra Associates.

Snapshot of a winter white out during snowstorms on Long Island. Photography by Susan Serra of Susan Serra Associates.

I love how the snow itself has texture and then as it drapes the trees it creates almost a mottled-weave look – with shades of gray, tan, off-white and more – that you’d see perhaps in a textured fabric like the one below by Ambella Home.  Their Dallas showroom was simply gorgeous and I can’t wait to share more about the fabulous furnishings and textiles.


And, of course as everyone knows, with snow, you sometimes get ice.  Interior designer, Susan Serra, of Susan Serra Associates, captured perfectly here the texture that ice creates on a windowpane.

Solid ice on designer Susan Serra's windows creates a textural winter landscape.  Photo courtesy of Susan Serra of The Kitchen Designer.

Solid ice creates a textural winter landscape on Susan’s windows. Photography by Susan Serra of Susan Serra Associates.

And these glass pendants (below) dangling on this Amadeus chandelier by Corbett Lighting are almost like wintry icicles. This elegant chandelier (which you’ll read more about in coming weeks) is handcrafted iron with a Vienna bronze finish, which in itself creates a wonderful branch-like texture.

But what captured my attention were these amazing large, tear-drop shaped, glass pendants hanging on the chandelier and wall sconces. 

Each is very thick and made from hand-formed, faceted Italian glass.  See all the texture in the detail image below. Doesn’t it actually look like the texture inside a wintry icicle?

Chandelier by

Detail of Amadeus Chandelier by Corbett Lighting at Dallas Market showroom.

Detail of

Detail of the faceted Italian glass which has bubbles and strands of glass that make it look so similar to real icicles. Amadeus chandelier by Corbett Lighting.

Here is another #WinterWhite landscape scene from New England by Linda Holt of Linda Holt Interiors.  Having been raised in New England and the Hudson Valley, I know exactly what this feels like and how it is so quiet, you can hear a pin drop. The textures are amazing!

Beautiful example of #WinterWhite on the back roads of Massachusetts Photography by Linda Holt of Linda Holt Designs.

Beautiful example of #WinterWhite on the back roads of Massachusetts Photography by Linda Holt of Linda Holt Interiors.

With all that snow, and even a few gray, cold evenings in Austin, you’d better think about snuggling up with these #WinterWhite throws by Peacock Alley. 

Fell in love with the soft, wintry white, gray and pastel colors of these throws by Peacock Alley.

I fell in love with the soft texture of these wintry white, gray and paste-colored, mohair Cape Town throws by Peacock Alley.

And lastly, my own little #WinterWhite wonderland in my studio, Deborah Main Designs, in Austin, Texas.  We mostly have sunshine (and certainly no snow!) but we’ve had many a gray day.  I was inspired to put together my own #WinterWhite outfit for the #SneakPeek2015 (see my stylish outfit in last week’s post HERE as I’m cozying up to the Peacock Alley Cape Town throws above), that I’ve been enjoying tinkering with textiles and vintage brooches.

My own little #WinterWhite magic tinkering around in my studio with vintage white metallic fabric, fur and a multil

My own little #WinterWhite wonderland with one of my favorite  vintage white metallic textiles, rabbit fur and a vintage multi-pronged floral brooch with amazing texture!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by any person or company for this post. All photos (except where noted) and views are my own.

Dallas Market & Sneak Peek 2015 (Intro)

Me taking a break in Dallas on Peacock Alley's incredible cozy mohair throws.

Me taking a break in Dallas on Peacock Alley’s incredible cozy mohair throws.

Wow, what an exciting whirlwind it was going to Dallas this year. Not sure if you remember, but last January, I decided to get out of my comfort zone of creating luxury pillows and attend #SneakPeek2014 as a blogger (You can read about it HERE).  Boy, did that open up a whole new world to me! I had no idea that just a few weeks afterward, I’d be invited by the Goddess of Blog Tour’s herself, Veronika Miller, of Modenus to #BlogTourNYC for the experience of a lifetime. (There are many wonderful posts on my blog to read about blog tour in 2014).

It’s amazing, and I have learned first hand, what can happen for your small business and brand when you step outside your comfort zone.

Fast forward to January 2015, when I went up to Dallas this year for two reasons:

I have met so many talented people from interior designers to brands in the past year, and this year at the showroom and #SneakPeek2015, that I feel incredibly blessed to have taken this leap of faith to learn more about the home and design industries and to make such wonderful friends.

And because it was SO amazing to be part of BOTH this year, I think I might start the new year out this way EVERY January!!

There is so much to share with you, I don’t even know where to start. Please follow my blog Pillow Goddess by subscribing HERE to keep up with it all. You’ll only receive two updates a week, as I’ll be sharing #TextureTuesdays every Tuesday, and on Thursdays, more in-depth coverage of products, people, and more.

To start off with, here are some highlights of the five days I was in Dallas with my beautiful sweet daughter Qin. (It’s so nice for my daughter to be old enough now to WANT to join me on my business trips. She was such a big help!)

A selfie of my 19 year old daughter, Qin, and I at Dallas Market getting some lunch.

A selfie of my 19 year old daughter, Qin, and I at Dallas Market getting some lunch.

The Doris Sanders LTD Showroom (531-WTC): (hours M-F, 10-5, all year long) Here’s a glimpse of my display area in this highly respected luxury showroom. It feels fantastic to be back and meet the new reps and get to work together on getting my line distributed to luxury boutique retailers in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico. My whole display shelving and fireplace mantel was designed by the amazing Brandon Smith of D Coop Media. And with the help of Sue Wyll, owner of the showroom, it translated beautifully from the Atlanta market to Dallas.



One of our Limited Edition Redbrick Modern pillows displayed on linens by Home Source International. Pillow available in this size only; handcrafted from a 1960's textured gown.

One of our Limited Edition Redbrick Modern pillows displayed on linens by Home Source International.


Detail of Limited Edition Redbrick Modern pillow handcrafted from a gorgeous 1960's textured long skirt. I'd give anything to have a whole bolt of this vintage fabric!

Detail of Limited Edition Redbrick Modern pillow handcrafted from a gorgeous 1960’s textured long skirt. I’d give anything to have a whole bolt of this vintage fabric!

#SneakPeek2015: From 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Friday the 16th,  we enjoyed a full schedule seeing showrooms, learning more about Dwell with Dignity, listening to Jeff Lewis, and yes, meeting Donny Osmond (who just so happens to have a home line now: Donny Osmond Home).  More on all of this in coming blog posts.

Here’s the whole gang!! What a fun time we had!! Great to see old friends from last year’s sneak peek and make new ones this year.

Sneak Peek with Donny Osmond

From left to right back row: Kelley Copeland of The Hidden List, Katherine McCarthy of Front Porch Marketing, Chris Hite and his sister with Dallas Market Center, Kim Turner of Dwell with Dignity, Shelly Lloyd of LeDaire Design, La Toya Jones of Forever Royalty, Debbie and Donny Osmond of Donny Osmond Home, Deborah Main of Deborah Main Designs, Shay Geyer of IBB Design, Kristi Hopper of Kristi Hopper Designs, Jennifer  Peebles of Ritz-August and Amy Lee of House of Wentworth. (The front two young women to the left of Debbie Osmond I think are Monica Mathis and Rachel Alley; apologies if any errors).

Many thanks to the Host Committee, Kelley, Kim and Shay for coordinating such a wonderful #SneakPeek2015.  They promote it as a sneak peek “behind the scenes” and as a  “conversation starter” ,and it surely is both!

I look forward to sharing more fabulous details on design trends, Donny Osmond and more with you in the coming weeks, so please check back every Tuesday and Thursday.  Till then, enjoy the sun if you’re in Texas and on the west coast and the snow if you’re in the mid-west and east coast! XO PG

(Disclaimer; Pillow Goddess was not compensated for any information in this post. It is my own writing and photos.)

Happy 2015 – Dallas Market Here We Come!


Happy New Year!  Well, the first week of 2015 is almost over and I’m sure you are well into the new year, while I’m still slowly making the transition. (There’s probably a few of you still enjoying a fabulous vacation on some gorgeous tropical island!)

I’m one of those that fully believes we need one more week between Christmas and New Year’s.

And here’s why….it’s just so damn cozy and so nice to hang out with family and do nothing but sleep, eat, play games and sit by the fire and your Christmas tree. And hey, it’s cold outside!. Ah, but reality beckons once the new year hits.

Our cozy family room with our Christmas tree and fireplace in Austin, Texas.

Our cozy family room with our Christmas tree and fireplace in Austin, Texas.

I always just need a little bit more time to process the end of one year before I jump into the next.  Don’t you??  There’s got to be more out there like me. But as you know….my wish will never come true. But that’s okay because somehow it works out. I won’t even go into what the scene looked like at the post office last week, when I was half in one year and half in the other with a total brain fog trying to sort which package went to whom. Let’s just say it was the “ice breaker” into 2015!

And boy did I need it, because next week I’m off to Dallas for the Total Home & Gift Market, January 14 – 20, 2015, and I need to be in tip top form.

I’m SUPER excited to be “back home” , so to speak, and once again have my luxury pillow line, Deborah Main Designs, represented year round by the Doris Sanders LTD showroom in suite 531-WTC.

Not too many photos to show yet as just started setting up in December, but I’ll have plenty of photos after market for sure. Please stop by to see me at the Doris Sanders showroom, 5th floor, #531 in the World Trade Center.

You can see just the beginnings of my display with the fireplace mantle (designed by none other than Brandon Smith of D Coop Media) behind the antler chandelier. That's what I love about the Doris Sanders showroom....fantastic lighting!

You can see just the beginnings of my display with the fireplace mantle (designed by none other than Brandon Smith of D Coop Media) behind the antler chandelier. That’s what I love about the Doris Sanders showroom….fantastic lighting!

You see, 2015 starts a new 10-year chapter for me and my little studio. About 8 years ago I cut my teeth at Doris Sanders showroom.  I had gotten into the showroom because my dear friend Cynthia Bloom, of Cynthia Bloom Collectible Jewelry took me up to Dallas to “show me the ropes.” It sounded SO overwhelming to me and she had years of experience with her jewelry line there, so one day when I told her a retailer suggested I get my line into Dallas Market she said “Don’t worry, I’ll take you!”  Now, THAT is a true friend and I am so lucky to have her and so many others that have helped me grow and learn during this first 10-year chapter of Deborah Main Designs.

It doesn’t just take a village to raise a child, it takes a village to raise a small business too. Thank you all!

A few leaders in the design and media worlds that have helped me along the way, Laura Van Zeyhl, Editor of Home Fashion Forecast magazine and Elizabeth Traub of Elizabeth Traub Consulting. Both of these amazing women came into my life through Twitter.

Two dear friends in the design and media worlds that have helped me along the way, Laura Van Zeyhl, Editor of Home Fashion Forecast magazine and Elizabeth Traub of Elizabeth Traub Consulting. Both of these amazing women came into my life through Twitter and both showed their support when I did the Atlanta Int’l Gift & Home Furnishings Market. Love these gals and what great stories we have about meeting #IRL!!

And what an amazing showroom Doris Sanders is!  I was green as could be when I first started there in 2008, hardly knew what an order form looked like, and had never sold wholesale. But the founder’s daughter, owner Sue Wyll, and her fabulous reps were so kind and helpful teaching me along the way.  I’ll never forget my very first show. I was standing there all prim and proper and everyone just kept walking by like they didn’t even see me.  And this is what Sue said to me:

“It may look like they (the buyers) are not looking at your line, but believe me, they are!  When a new line comes into the showroom, buyers want to get familiar with it and see if you’ll stick around, as they don’t want to invest in a new line if it’s not going to be a long-lasting company. Then they come right back the next market and buy! ” Sue Wyll, Doris Sanders, LTD

Well, I think after 10 years I have surely proven I’m a “long-lasting company” and this go around in 2015 they’ll see a far more polished and award-winning luxury pillow line that I am so very proud to showcase. I’m not green, but there’s always more to learn.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back in Dallas and I look forward to this fantastic opportunity! I can’t wait to see my long-time buyers and meet new ones, cause Deborah Main Designs has got a lot on the horizon for 2015 and beyond. Here’s just a few pics of some of our luxury pillows that will be in Dallas next week.

One-of-a-kind pair of silk brocade pillows with bright orange ribbed velvet on the back. One of my fave silks I bought in Suzhou, China.

One-of-a-kind pair of silk brocade pillows with bright orange ribbed velvet on the back. One of my fave silks I bought in Suzhou, China.


A fun pair pillows handcrafted with vintage textiles  from our UnZipped Collection. With just the swoosh of a tassel you can imagine the conversation pieces these little fellas become!

A fun pair of pillows handcrafted with vintage textiles from our UnZipped Collection. With just the swoosh of a tassel you can imagine the conversation pieces these little fellas become!

While we’re on the subject of sage-old business advice, I was also told from Becky Jacobs of Alyson Jon (prior to that she was at The Market in Austin, the very first store that carried my pillow line) that:

“It takes time Deborah, a very long time to build a brand.” - Becky Jacobs

And, at the time, I had no idea….but boy was she ever right!

Building a long-lasting, profitable company takes time, hard work, money, patience, failure, support from your family and friends, and due diligence.

And the research says that it takes a full 10 years.  Well, we’ve hit that mark friends, so we only can go up from here. Watch out Dallas, here we come cause Deborah Main Designs has exciting plans lined up for 2015!

I have had absolutely NO time to reflect on 2014 yet, but I know many of you have, and I look forward to reading your blogs and following all you amazing designers and friends from Vegas all the way to Germany.  Once I get past this show and well into the new year, I’ll be able to pause and talk more about all I learned in 2014. Here’s a snap to remember the best trip I ever had to NYC on Blog Tour:

Amazing group of designers and bloggers I was so honored to be a part of. Thank you Veronika!

Amazing group of designers and bloggers I was so honored to be a part of. Thank you Veronika!

I will say 2014 was the most AMAZING year!!  From starting with the Dallas Sneak Peek (which I hope to join again next week) to being selected by Veronika Miller of Modenus for #BlogTourNYC (a trip and experience of a lifetime!) to meeting and making new friends in the design and blogging worlds (and learning so much from each of you!) to ending my 10th year in business as a finalist (WOW was that totally unexpected!) in the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards competition. Well, let’s just say, there is A LOT to reflect on, so I know I’ll be talking about 2014 all throughout 2015.

Till then, I wish you the happiest and most bountiful year with much love, laughter, and joy. Thank you for your stopping by my blog and, as always, for your continued support. XOPG