What Do Linen & Wood Have In Common?


Deborah Main linen and wood pillows

Linen and Wood Pillows

“Pillow Goddess” Deborah Main made her High Point debut this spring in a display for Universal Furniture created by celebrity designer Kelli Ellis. The American-made linen pillows feature vintage French trim with wood that’s been hand-turned by Jeff Hornung of The Walnut Log, also handcrafted in the United States. Main is best known for meticulously handmade pillows incorporating textiles and embellishments of bygone eras, updated for a contemporary aesthetic.


Deborah Main
1906 Collier St.
Austin, TX 78704

The answer is pillows, but of course!!

If you’ve been following my blog for the past few years (Subscribe right HERE), you know I absolutely LOVE wood!!  Driftwood, dead wood, trees, the grain of wood, you name it, I love wood. And for 6 months, wood turner Jeff Hornung of The Walnut Log and I have been working behind the scenes on perfecting this exciting new collection. (I can’t wait to tell you what his pick up line was…lol!!)

So I just had to share this press piece, as I’m thrilled that Home Fashion Forecast editor Laura Van Zeyl spotted our BRAND NEW collection Linen and Wood (which will be on the new website coming soon!) that we custom made for celebrity interior designer Kelli Ellis’s installation for Universal Furniture during High Point Market.

Please enjoy a few pics, as I love how Kelli mixed up our Linen & Wood Collection featuring orange chenille vintage French trim, with our Redbrick Modern collection, a pair of cool blue and lime green graphics pillows, all on this gorgeous blue velvet tufted sofa, a new fabric line by Universal Furniture. Who doesn’t love blue velvet!?!

IMG_2410 (2)

IMG_2538 (2)

IMG_2447 (2)

IMG_2403 (2)

IMG_2508 (2)

Thank you so much Laura for naming our new collection “Linen and Wood” and featuring it in Home Fashion Forecast’s April 26th newsletter HERE!  Be in the know, and sign up to receive all of Home Fashion Forecast’s latest news on home design trends right HERE.

And many, many thanks to Kelli Ellis for asking me to design all her pillows for her beautiful display!

That’s one thing you can count on with our luxury brand, we at Deborah Main Designs, will take care of ALL your pillow decorating needs on time. Just ask Kelli!  So reach out to our studio and let us help you with your next project. 512.447.9807 or inquire@deborahmaindesigns.com

Ever hire an interior designer before? More coming up next week on the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer or consultant (believe me, you will want to pronto!) and what it’s like designing pillows for two interior designers and two shows at the same time. Absolutely thrilling!!! Till then, enjoy this beautiful spring weather and be safe #TurnAroundDon’tDrown in all this rain we’ve been having in Texas.  XO PG


Want to Win Your #favedeborahmainpillow at High Point?

2016-04-18 16 05 3513015637_10209401569061435_7357979330644355694_n

See ZAAR Design Center at the bottom of that white sign on the corner of that building? Well read on, for all the fun to be had tonight and the rest of High Point Market.



Where:  Penthouse Floor of the Lofts, UNION SQUARE party on Roof Top at ZAAR Design Center, Union Square, 410 English Rd, E 101, High Point, N.C.

When: Monday, TONIGHT, April 18th

Time: 7 -9 p.m.

Who With: Distinguished retailers, designers, manufacturers and hosts Calvin Klein Union Square, and Rene Cazares.

Libations: Hor d’oeuvres and selections of wine

After Party: We will be continuing the party at our showroom at ZAAR Design Center at Antiques by Zaar. So, IF you can’t make the earlier event, drop in at ZAAR later on. Excited to see a full house tonight!!

Libations: Buddha Beer is on ice and wine restocked.

Special Birthday Celebration: Alicia Connolly, of Alicia Connolly Designs, my dear friend who is responsible for the fresh new look in my showroom is having a landmark birthday next week. Birthday cake served. Come join us, the more the merrier!

Bonus Deborah Main Pillow Contest:  Along with the after party, Deborah Main is having a pillow give away contest that started yesterday, so join in the fun. When you come to ZAAR Design Center showroom, grab your FAVE Deborah Main pillow and get your photo snapped. See Rules Below!! (If you miss this party, you can still enter the contest at this showroom and the 20th Century by HKFA showroom all day Tuesday and Wed. And even at the Kelli Ellis Installation at Universal Furniture, because there’s 7 pillows there!)  See Rules Below!!


Simple rules to follow: 

  • Snap photo of yourself and others with #favedeborahmainpillow and post it on Instagram and Facebook and all over social media
  • Must post pic with 3 hashtags #favedeborahmainpillow #hpmkt #modernlookbook
  • Pillow Photo contest ends 5 p.m. Wed, April 20th; winner announced later that evening.
  • Enter as many times as you like, but you must use those hashtags. Tagging friends increases your chances of winning.
  • Ready. Set. Go. Win #favedeborahmainpillow!!!

Parking: Plenty of parking here today AND every day for ZAAR customers. Red bus stop 27 is just outside the building and of course there is the Go Anywhere bus.

ZAAR @ Union Square
410 English Rd, E 101
PH: 207 838 2675
(info gathered from a shared email blast via Ruth Olbrych )



ZAAR Design Center Features Two New Artisans at High Point

pIllowson bench -Ruth (2)

This week’s blog post is about GRATITUDE, and an interview with Ruth Olbrych, owner of the ZAAR Design Center.  But also today, I’ve been married for 32 years to THE most amazing husband, David Latimer!!! Hard to believe he’s put up with me for THAT long, but I feel VERY blessed. And tomorrow is my birthday!!

What better way to celebrate my fun birthday/anniversary combo then to have my work represented, FOR THE VERY 1ST TIME, at the High Point Market, April 16 – 20th, by THREE showrooms.  

Those who have followed me for the past 12 years know that I attempted to go National in 2013 at Atlanta Market, but I was not ready and it taught me A LOT of what I needed to change in these last few years to make my business Deborah Main Designs more successful.  I’m ready now friends!!!  And I hope you will celebrate with me this great accomplishment to make it this far.

I am truly humbled and grateful to 4 amazing women, 3 of whom you see here below, and the other, the lovely Heather Karlie Vieira, of 20th Century by HKFA, I interviewed last week HERE about her debut of Modern Look Book.

On today’s blog, I’m interviewing Ruth,so you can learn all about Antiques by Zaar. But first a HUGE thank you to all 4 of you remarkable business women in the design and home furnishings world!! THANK YOU!!!

PicMonkey Collage2

PG: Well, I’m honored that our dear friend Jana Platina Phipps, The Trim Queen, connected us and that you’ll be one of three showrooms representing my line.  And I feel it’s a perfect fit as many of our new and modern textiles I hand select from Mom & Pop shops in China, and many of our Les Bijoux pillows with the vintage brooches and French trim are so well suited with your antiques. How are you feeling about High Point starting this weekend?

PicMonkey CollageRuth

RO: Yes, the excitement is mounting as new product continues to arrive into the showroom at Union Square. Nothing juices me up more than being able to present wonderful collections as produced by no less than wonderful people. Thus showcasing the fine craftsmanship of Deborah Main and Frank Rogers is giving me great delight as Market draws near.

Each company is having their debut at this Spring 2016 Market. Please be sure to put a visit to ZAAR Design Center at Union Square on your Market Schedule. You can find us at 410 English Rd, E101 (Between Elm and Lindsey) and it’s on the bus line.  And anyone can contact me directly at 207.838.2675 of ruth@zaardesigncenter.com

dm-zdc with text edited

PG: I understand that Antiques by Zaar has been selling at High Point for 13 years? Aren’t you now in a larger and new location?

RO: From 2004- 2015 I moved my location 4 times/each time getting closer to the “heart of High Point”. For the first time in 7 years I am in a full-fledged permanent showroom that is on the bus line (red stop 26) and within walking distance from Market Square. Spring and Fall 2015 Market was my debut in this spanky new space. (I still hold a small warehouse space on West Market Center Drive for overflow.)  I LOVE my new space and feel it is what I needed!

PG: With Antiques by ZAAR, you specialize in Chinese Antiques and English Chesterfield sofas. That’s an interesting combination.  Can you tell us a little of the back story of why you only specialize in those two areas?

RO: I tend to say I got “tricked” into selling Chinese antiques. We moved to Maine, with our 3 pre-teens, after 8 years in Asia.  My husband, as a “house warming” gift bought a small shipment of Chinese Antiques. In retrospect ,I saw it as a trial run, as before I knew it we were buying a container and planning to set up a website for me to run the new business from home. (ZAAR = the initials of my kids , Zach, Arianna and Avery and mama Ruth to anchor it) With our first sale in 2000 we felt we had “made it” and starting January 2001- 2008 we purchased a 40’ high cube of antiques/reproductions every 2 months, with my husband going to Asia to hand pick everything in our collection.

2008 was a turning point year for many of us in the Home Furnishing Industry and we were not immune to effects of the economic downturn.  I stayed with the biz (Interior designers kept me in biz during recession!) and in 2010 I created ZAAR Design Center. Using Antiques by Zaar as the anchor and adding lines from other companies (this is how I met Distinctive Chesterfields, as they were looking for US representation) I offered year round exposure by having my facility open year round on an appointment basis. 

I love how the Chinese and Chesterfields complement each other so. My expertise lies in giving customers confidence in the product they are purchasing, the company they are buying from, and the process, which I work to make as seamless as possible.

unspecified (18)

 We have an ever changing collection of “in stock” items in High Point that are available for “quick ship” and also serve to give customers an option to come and test sit the product/validating the quality of our pieces in person.  However, just like the antiques, the vast majority of my customers are buying product sight unseen.

 I remain interested in having the showroom in High Point  for 3 reasons:

  • to introduce ourselves to Trade folks that may not otherwise land on either company,
  • to validate our online presence with a showroom, and
  • for those that want to come and see for themselves, to give them that option.


PG: This market you are debuting two new artisan lines, Frank Rogers hand-crafted wrought iron tables from Mexico and luxury artisan pillows by Austin pillow designer, Deborah Main. Why did you select these two lines to begin carrying at your showroom?

RO: Just like the chesterfield connection, it’s a matter of who you meet and what product they have, and if you are a fit for each other. And timing has something to do with that as well. 

I have always called “ZAAR Design Center” my evolving entity and that it has been these past years and I’m FINALLY feeling like I’m getting my groove with what it should be and to whom.

High Point should serve more as a place of introduction, and as I said above, for those that can and need to, a place for them to see for themselves, whether it be during Market and otherwise. 

It’s a happy coincidence that both you (Deborah Main Designs) and Frank Rogers (the Mexico connection) are debuting with me and becoming part of my offerings. I LOVE that you are both high end artisans!

Frank Rogers is new to the US Market. (Introduced to him by an old Designer customer who encouraged each of us to connect.) I’ve known Frank for a few years now but only got together now. He has no US representation (Retail and wholesale). From the first time I saw his table I was enamored with his work and so am excited to now have the opportunity to grow his presence and sales in the States.

iron table

 And as far as you and Deborah Main Designs, I saw you all over social media (in a good way) and Jana Platina Phipps, the Trim Queen, and I served as the conduit to connect us, the time seemed right for both of us. You have been selling for 12 years now and are eager to grow. I am happy to be one of 3 locations for your debut and hope that they all work for you to help you get to the next place you want to be in your business.  I also like our shared Asian connection.

PicMonkey CollageSilk Brocades

PG: Why is High Point Market such a good place for new lines to debut?

RO: For me it’s about great people having great product and a collaborative spirit to bring said product to the market place.  I have a very responsive email list of over 6,000 which I’ve grown over the past 17 years, and I have a good foot print on social media. With this (and a new website) and the great product offerings, I hope to increase the market share for each company that I work with and  make every sale a win(for you), win (for me) win (for the customer.) THAT, which can only be done with this collaborate Spirit, juices me up!

 PG: Lastly, I know you do High Point market twice a year, but you also have an online store and have your design center open year round by appointment, correct?  Please tell us where people can find your beautiful products during High Point and afterward as well? 

RO: During Market we are open at Union Square, which is at 410 English Rd, E 101. High Point, NC 27262.  (Red bus stop 26) Between Markets, the other months of the year, Union Square is open by Appointment.  

Online:  www.zaardesigncenter.com and  www.antiquesbyzaar.com

Distinctive Chesterfields has a retail website (need to go through me for trade pricing) at www.distinctivechesterfields.com/usa/

Frank Rogers has a website (no pricing) at www.frankrogers.com

and you, well your followers know to go to www.DeborahMainDesigns.com to shop and watch for the launch of your brand new website. But for trade pricing, they need to shop at ZAAR Design Center at High Point Market!


Thank you so much Ruth for taking the time out of your busy High Point Market prep schedule to answer a few questions for our readers to learn more about both your online retails stores and your wholesale showroom ZAAR Design Center.  It’s been great fun working together and a privilege you represent my line, Deborah Main Designs, thank you!! I Iook forward to a long-term collaboration.  Wishing you and all the vendors and showrooms at High Point a FABULOUS and successful market! Till next time, XO PG



2016-04-08 00 02 30

2016-04-08 00 43 29



Two Little Secrets and The Inspiration Behind Modern Look Book

PicMonkey Collage20thC

It’s no surprise by now to anyone that is keeping up with our studio and the blog, that Deborah Main pillows are hitting the national scene one more time and are headed to TWO amazing places: High Point Market in N.C. AND Design On A Dime in NYC.  I haven’t filled you in on all the details yet, but that’s because I’ve been scrambling to keep up and get everything ready – design pillows, sew pillows, launch new website, create new press kit, write new pillow tags – you name it, our studio has been bustling with activity and many, many dear colleagues are helping out for the 2016 national push for the Deborah Main brand.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


So please keep reading our blog and watching for our spring newsletter (sign up for both HERE) coming out at the end of April, to take advantage of the exciting and fun promotions we’ll be offering throughout the year. You don’t have to be a customer (yet!) but you’ll only know about the specials if you’re on the list. And that means we’ll be communicating more with you, our future and loyal customers, friends, and followers.

We are SO excited and really feel that 2016 just might be our break out year….and this is in large part to YOU, and all your support behind our little Austin, Texas studio!!! THANK YOU!!

But none of this would be happening if not for me speaking up and putting myself out there.  I know you think, “Oh, it’s so easy for Deborah”, but in reality it’s not.

 It takes a long time to build relationships and to build confidence in a brand new industry that when I started I knew nothing about. In fact, it’s taken me 12 years!!

But today I feel different. Go ahead and take a peek at some of my earlier blog posts HERE to see what I’ve learned along the way.  Today I don’t feel like I have to prove myself anymore.  I’ve been making gorgeous pillows for 12 years now, and just in ONE month they will debut at High Point market, the largest home furnishing market in the U.S. AND New York City at one of THE events of the year Design On A Dime, benefiting Housing Works and sponsored by Elle Decor. No I haven’t won the jack pot. It’s damn hard work and I still have 10 more new accounts to secure this year, but things are moving forward and that is at least the right direction.

Here’s a sneak peek (not yet available on our website and better photos coming soon) of one of our new pillows using our vast collection of vintage French trim where I collaborate with talented wood turner Jeff Hornung of The Walnut Log Studio.  Some of you may know I absolutely LOVE wood and my collection of vintage French trim, so this is a dream come true!! And my inspiration for the collection occurred last year in Dallas at a talk on Color Trends by the delightful Patti Carpenter, shown HERE on Editor At Large.  More on that story in future blog posts. But I’m super stoked and can’t wait for you to see this design in NYC!!

2016-03-31 09.47.06_resized

Little Secret #1: I have this tiny statue of a foot by my bed.  I received it from one of the showrooms at Las Vegas Market tour that I did with Jackie Von Tobel (you know, the tour that I haven’t had a minute to write any more about except that I met two of my idols, Christopher Guy and Thomas Pheasant). They gave us each a little foot to remind us new designers, new brands, to keep moving forward one step at a time toward our goals. It was a very simple gesture on their part and I’m sure they have NO idea how I’ve taken it to heart. I look at that little foot every day and in the morning give it a few steps and I’m on my way charting new uncharted territory for my brand, Deborah Main.

Now, you see why I’ve been SO excited and working like crazy to make this all come together.  In April I’ll talk more about my wonderful experiences of working long distance with two top international interior designers, Jonathan Legate and Kelli Ellis.

But for today’s blog post I wanted you to hear from Heather Karlie herself, the creative entrepreneur behind 20th Century by HKFA and Modern Look Book.



But first, a behind the scenes story.  And this is what I learned when I went to the Las Vegas Market from name brands like Christopher Guy, Thomas Pheasant, Julia Buckingham, Global Views, Brandon Smith of D Coop Media, Christopher Kennedy, Jackie Von Tobel, and many many more.

We all start in the same place, with a dream. And we learn and grow and make mistakes along the way. We take risks. Some work out. Some don’t. But never for a minute think that some famous interior or product designer or artist didn’t start, and struggle, just like you and me.  From an idea (and a wild and crazy idea I might add) comes the passion to do what we love! Go for it NOW!


Heather Karlie Vieira of 20th Century by HKFA started with an idea and it has grown into a highly curated business of antique and modern vintage finds that she hand-selects herself. Her own personal story made me think of mine and how we have to start somewhere and just keep on truckin.


Little Secret #2: So, my little secret is that I was up late one night and I happened upon this Modern Look Book concept and I thought, hmmm, that’s interesting…what’s that all about? I knew Heather Karlie was a dealer of vintage and antique furnishings, but I’ve never met her so I really didn’t know her background. And then, I read her personal story at 1 a.m. and I was feeling kind of down and discouraged and I emailed her my thoughts.  To my surprise she answered the next day and before you knew it I was one of the brands in her inaugural Modern Look Book.

My point?  You never know what leads to what.  I reached out to Heather at a vulnerable moment in the wee hours of the morning with some personal self doubts about my brand and she reached back.  And then it all took off from there. Thank you Heather!!


PG: What inspired you to create the Modern Look Book concept?

HK: Modern Look Book came about through relationships and friendships – it’s the ultimate in collaboration. My favorite interiors are ones that blend vintage finds with contemporary and custom pieces. That being said, I wanted to present this look, so I began with my showroom at High Point Market. I asked four wonderful colleagues, Deborah Main, Clintel Steed, Michael Penn and Martyn Feller if they would join me on this inaugural run. And all said, YES! I really couldn’t be happier to work with such amazing, creative talents!

PG: What do you hope to achieve with interior designers by debuting this concept at High Point this April?

HK: The Interior Designer community is who I have to thank for the Modern Look Book concept. Designers are the ultimate collaborators. It’s my hope to show the Interior Designer community that Modern Look Book is taking a page from their book on collaboration. I’d like to present a well thought out, cohesive interior from four distinct artists and brands alongside my collection of vintage finds. And I hope that this will inspire Interior Designers to continue to look to Modern Look Book for fresh, new, exciting artists and brands!


PG: How do you think the four artists/brands you selected complement your curated selection of vintage, antique and modern finds?

HK: This inaugural Modern Look Book collaboration features four incredible artists and brands –

Deborah Main and I are long time social media friends, following each other on various sites, and always supporting each other. Her creativity and use of vintage fabrics is really special.

Clintel Steed and I met many years ago in the New York City gallery of one of my clients. I was honored when he asked me to sit for a portrait in 2007 and we have been great friends ever since.

Michael Penn and I met back in Philadelphia through his fiancee Natasha, with whom I went to High School. I had always admired his photography, but it wasn’t until 2010 when he snapped a photo of me and my husband in Old City Philadelphia, that I began to know his amazing street photography.

Martyn Feller and I met well over ten years ago in New York City, where he was working as a model. Martyn had a great interest in all things vintage, so it was no surprise that we became fast friends. His incredible brand, Montauk Style, is as gorgeous as it is luxurious.

Sharing the history, is a big part of what I do as a dealer in vintage, antique and modern finds. The history. The story. These four artists and brands are also part of my story. A story that I am still writing and rewriting. And I couldn’t be happier than to have them as part of it!

Thank you so much Heather for sharing your story and ours in Modern Look Book!  Here’s a few more of Heather’s vintage finds below.  If you are an interior designer or retailer, here are the details all about Heather and her Booth #34 at the Antique & Design Center. Be sure to stop by!  Till then, stay tuned for more next week. XOPG



Modern Look Book Debuts with Artist Clintel Steed at High Point!


Wow, what a whirlwind of a week and it’s only the first week of March!!  There’s simply so much going on – from the west coast last month with Modernism Week (See my post from last week)  – to the east coast with THE largest home furnishings market in the USA, the big High Point Market, coming up April 16 – 20th. (And I just got back from a one day trip to Dallas to meet with a client and surprise our TOP account, Casa di Lino, on their 10th anniversary of being in business, of which 8 of those years they’ve carried the Deborah Main luxury pillow line – Congratulations!!!)


But one common thread through these two coastal power events is Heather Karlie Vieira (above), owner of 20th Century by HKFA.  Heather, a talented antique and vintage collector, had some of her vintage beauties showcased in the gorgeous master suite designed by Justin Saulis (below)  at the Christopher Kennedy Compound last month – the stunning vintage 3 pronged lamp I’m still swooning over because of it’s fabulous shape, let along Justin’s gorgeous color palette. But now, Heather is back on the east coast launching the brand new  Modern Look Book concept at High Point Market this spring.


I’ve been dying to share with you Heather’s EXCITING and brilliant concept Modern Look Book debuting alongside all her highly curated vintage, antique and modern collection of furnishings at High Point Market in April, because she will represent four on-the-rise artists & brands – Deborah Main pillows , Michael Penn photography, Montauk Style linens, and our featured artist today – Clintel Steed.

NONE of these artists & brands (including yours truly!) have ever had their work showcased at High Point Market, so this is an incredible honor to be represented by Heather Karlie Vieira of 20th Century by HKFA as part of her debut concept Modern Look Book.

Calling all interior designers, retailers and press who go to High Point Market, please be sure to stop by Heather’s booth #34 (MS-G-34, ADC) in the Antique & Design Center. (Read all about her listing and #hpmkt location HERE). And follow the hashtag #hpmkt from now through the market on Twitter and Intsagram, because just yesterday Lisa Ferguson of DecorMentor hosted her semi-annual fast & furious Twitter chat giving all who followed a sneak peek into 8+ designer picks to expect at High Point next month. Here’s Lisa’s favorite eight (below), but be sure to check out her Facebook Page for ALL the designer’s picks.


Now onto our first featured artist of the Modern Look Book, NYC-based painter, Clintel Steed. 

Below are three of his most recent works, the two on the left are titled “Beijing Smog #8 and #9″ oil on masonite, and the 3rd, “City Building #2″, which is also the painting below.

PicMonkey Collage

city building #2 oil on masonite 14x8 csteed 2016 (2)

We asked Clintel Steed a few questions:

PG: What inspires you to create your art and why?

CS: Being in the moment is what inspires me!! When I am conscious, the subject matter  is all around me!!!

PG: What differentiates your work from others in the home décor industry?

CS: I am not really concerned with where my work is shown right now!! It’s not about ego for me it’s about beauty and I just want to show my work to people who want to see it!!!

PG: How will collaborating with 20th Century by HKFA and being part of the Modern Look Book concept at High Point help interior designers learn more about what you have to offer their clients?

CS: I think by joining up with HKFA I am just giving my work more of a chance to be seen!! Which is the goal of any artist I believe!! Work is made to be seen, not live in closet!!!

And here are a few other creative works by Clintel Steed that I really like for their multitude of color, shape, and texture. He paints everything from portraits to cityscapes to aerial views, to money and more.  What is so unique about his paintings, as with many a painter, is that they are painted from how Clintel perceives the world….and I love it!!  To me, Clintel offers a never-before-seen unique vision, seeing his world from a different lens, then say the camera or another painter. If you want to learn more about what makes Clintel tick, here’s a fascinating interview, done in 2012 by ARTAlmalgamated, about Clintel Steed’s unique work.




I’ll be featuring the other artists and brands in the Modern Look Book, whose work Heather Karlie Vieira, with 20th Century by HKFA, will be debuting at High Point April 16 – 20th.  So be sure to sign up for our blog HERE so you can be ready to beeline it for Booth #34 (MS-G-34, ADC) in the Antique & Design Center come April.

For further information on the Modern Look Book, or if you’d like a copy of the Press Release, please contact heather@heatherkarlie.com  Till next week, have a beautiful weekend XO PG

Untitled design

From Vegas to Palm Springs – Modern Color & Texture Inspires!

20160217_161712-1 (2)

I can’t help it…but with this gorgeous weather in Austin and clear, blue skies, I really want to be poolside, either at Austin’s well-known jewel, Barton Springs Pool (which is essentially just down the hill from my studio), or out in Palm Springs at Modernism Week.  Kind of like interior designer, King of Modernism himself, Christopher Kennedy, below.

Christopher Kennedy Compound Modernism Week qq7oGj_0AjZl

I met Christopher for the very first time here in Austin at an interior designer event a couple years ago. When I heard his personal story and his love for Mid-century modern, well, I’ve been smitten ever since. He’s not only uber talented, but a friend and also just a really great guy. And Christopher, known for his incredible Mid-century modern interior designs, not only has his own line of modern furnishings, a new store, and a new book (his book signing below was at the Vegas market), but he magically (with a lot of hard work!) produces the “#1 Must-See Event”Christopher Kennedy Compound , each year for Modernism Week.



Be sure to keep reading, because I’m going to feature a few of the talented interior designers that are featured in The Christopher Kennedy Compound going on right now at Modernism Week. The full list of the select interior designers, “The TasteMakers”, and the sponsors for the 2016 showhouse are listed above. I am fortunate to know two of them, and met four more while on the VIP Tour in Vegas.

But if you want to meet this incredible talent for yourself, you’d better hurry because you only have FOUR more days to high tail it out to Palm Springs to see all this Mid-century Modern Magnificence during Modernism Week!!


This image above of ALL the talented interior designers invited by Christopher to style a room in the compound is such a wonderfully, happy, colorful image that’s popping up all over social media for Modernism Week. The green of that lawn is totally inspiring as you’ll see throughout this post!!

But first I want to catch you up with what’s been happening so far this year at Deborah Main Designs’ studio.  Phew, what a busy 2016 it has been, but I’m loving it!! Many of you who follow us on Social Media, know we were fortunate enough to attend the Vegas Red Carpet Tour at the end of January with Jackie Von Tobel of Soft Design Lab.  Another super star in the world of design, Jackie sure knows how to give a VIP Tour and I was thrilled to meet her in person and many other interior designers. Below is a photo of our fun group and the names and faces of all who attended.



And below is a funny pic of me I think, because it reminds me of King Kong, as my body looks superimposed onto the image while men are running away from me, or toward me, in the background. LOL!!

Flee, it’s Deborah Main about to take on the World Market Center in Vegas!!

20160123_163050 (2)

It was my first time EVER in Vegas (“Vegas Virgin”, I think they call it!) and I have lots to share with you about this exciting trip over the next month. My incredible experience at the Las Vegas Market is intricately connected to why I’m talking about color and texture in Mid-century modern on the blog today.  For those who’ve heard of the fabulous time period, but may not be as familiar with it, it happens to be one of my FAVES!  Here’s a quick Wikipedia definition for you:

“Mid-century modern is an architectural, interior, product and graphic design that generally describes mid-20th century developments in modern design, architecture and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965. The term, employed as a style descriptor as early as the mid-1950s, was reaffirmed in 1983 by Cara Greenberg in the title of her book, Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s (Random House), celebrating the style that is now recognized by scholars and museums worldwide as a significant design movement.” – Wikipedia


In the spring I particularly love to break out all the colorful textiles I have that inspire me, like this Mid-century modern one above of a Vera Neumann silk scarf transformed into a one-of-a-kind pillow.

And that’s also why I get so inspired by Modernism Week because it just brings that “Rat Pack” era back alive with incredible architecture, fabulous furnishings and colorful interior design.

Here’s a Mid-century modern chair, the David Chair, below, designed by Christopher Kennedy, that I absolutely love, particularly in that mustard color.  I’m hoping someday to remodel our family/dining room into a Mid-century modern haven with maybe a reading chair like Christopher’s for my husband, who also happens to be named David. A great birthday or anniversary gift for the hubs, don’t you think?


Below are two 1960’s gowns with all the Palm Springs colors that I can’t wait to make into luxury one-of-a-kind pillows!  That green striped textile below pops out just like that perfectly manicured lawn with all the interior designers (at the beginning of this post). How can you not love bright and sunny colors in the spring time??  And, if you’ve been following our blog (you can sign up for it HERE) you know we LOVE to up-cycle and re-purpose vintage dresses into fabulous pillows.

2016-02-17 16 32 36 (2)

Almost identical colors to these motel rooms in Palm Springs!


And before I move onto to the cool geometric blue textiles and design, I want you to meet Julia Buckingham, one of this year’s “Tastemakers”, whom Christopher selected to design one of the bedrooms in the Christopher Kennedy Compound.

In Palm Springs, Modernism Week is celebrating it’s 10th year, so it’s a very big deal, and an incredible honor, to be one of the lucky interior designers to be asked to design for Christopher’s compound.

And we have just a peak of a few of the designs below. But first, my introduction to the Chicago-based interior designer, Julia Buckingham in the gorgeous Global Views showroom at the Las Vegas Market.  Julia is an incredibly talented interior designer known for her style she calls “Modernique”. I still can’t believe she debuted her new line for Global Views in Dallas at the 2015 June Market and I totally missed it!!

But it was well worth the wait to meet this lovely designer in Vegas at The Las Vegas Market. I had heard, read, and seen on social media so much about Julia’s new line, that I was dying to see it in person and meet her too.  (You can read more about Julia Buckingham Collection for Global Views HERE).

Below is her infamous “Wiggle” chair. And WOW, it is amazing in person as well as the “Steamer” rug!!  To me, the colors, patterns and styles of her collection for Global Views speak of Mid-century modern.

“The new Julia Buckingham for Global Views Collection celebrates the journey of design and encourages people to not just decorate, but to curate their spaces in a personal and meaningful way. The collection will include a selection of furniture, lighting, rugs, tabletop and home accessories by the Chicago-based designer.” – Julia Buckingham for Global Views

The boldness of the colors and pattern in the chair and rug are amazing to me!!! There is nothing out there in home decor or interiors like this truly spectacular collection by Julia. That’s what I love about it…it is so different!!  And you know we at Deborah Main Designs love the unique!

2016-02-16 21 27 50 (2)

Our Vegas group below touring the Global Views showroom and Julia’s collection. I personally had never stepped foot in a Global Views showroom and I was in absolute awe of the stunning array of luxury furnishings!!  Be sure to follow our blog, because I’ll be writing and showing more photos of the Global Views showroom and more showrooms in the coming weeks.

20160124_091932 (2)

I was just thrilled beyond words to finally meet this design icon, Julia Buckingham, in person. And she’s just like everyone talks about….as sweet as can be.

And with my 1960’s light blue coat, trimmed with fox fur, adorned with a vintage sea urchin brooch….well, it sent Julia and I, and even one of the owners of Global Views, into shared excitement for collecting vintage brooches.

Not to mention the fabulous dress that Julia was wearing which so reminded me of some amazing 1940’s Mid-century fabric I had in my collection with gold painted over it. She immediately knew I was a little different when I started shooting photos of her dress!! Ha! ha!  :-)

20160124_092132 (2)

20160124_093331 (2)

One of Global Views’ delightful owners above, Frederick Rayner, showing me his vintage cuff links which turned into a wonderful discussion and show & tell on his phone of vintage brooches.

I could talk for hours on collecting vintage brooches and textiles and had a blast chatting with Frederick at Global Views!

The detail of Julia’s gorgeous dress (which I’m sorry I cannot remember the designer) reminds me of many incredible textiles from the 1940’s -1960’s with gold metallic painted on them. Thankfully, Mid-century textiles, color and texture still permeate and inspire new fashion and interior design.  How lucky we are!!

20160124_095557 (2)

Below is Julia with our Vegas VIP Tour leader, Jackie Von Tobel of Soft Design Lab, and one of the presenters on our first day at Las Vegas Market, Scot Meachum Wood.  Stay tuned on Pillow Goddess for more about the rugs that Jackie and Julia designed for Feizy Rugs and the presentation that Scot and other designers did coming soon.

20160124_095531 (2)

And Julia is one of the “Tastemakers” for Christopher Kennedy’s Compound this year at Modernism Week. Here’s a sneak peek below of her bedroom design. Wow, what I’d give for a room that stepped right out to the pool. I asked the hubs last night if we could retire to Palm Springs??  He looked at me with that look “Are you crazy”? Oh well, it was worth a try.

IMG_9298 (2)

I love the colors Julia selected for the bedding. I”m sorry I don’t know more details about it, but it will surely be all over social media, on many blogs and written up very soon in Traditional Home, one of the sponsors of the showhouse. So be sure to keep a watch for more great press on the Christopher Kennedy Compound!

IMG_9302 (2)

Here’s a polka dot gown (below) in our 1960’s textile collection that totally reminds me of some of the colors Julia selected for her showhouse bedroom above and her “Steamer” rug for Global Views below.

20160217_161529-1 (2)

2016-02-16 21 26 58 (2)

Now Julia will kill me I’m sure for this…but doesn’t the cool heel of her shoes look awesome with her rug?  I love the colored and clear heels in fashion today! Now how fun is that!!

20160124_095646 (2)

Now onto the cool blues.


There’s nothing like the blue sky and cool water of a pool out in the Palm Springs desert that will get you thinking about all the incredible pops of color from the 1950’s and 60’s. Below is the kitchen for this year’s showhouse, designed by none other than, the King of Mid-century himself, Christopher Kennedy.  If you follow #ModernismWeek and #ChristopherKennedyCompound on Twitter or Instagram you will most certainly see more of the fabulous designs by Christopher and the other interior designers involved.

I love the glass pendants in Christopher Kennedy’s design, because they remind me so much of all the blues and greens so popular in the Mid-century interiors and the “glass floats” used years ago by fisherman.


Here is a pair of our Redbrick Modern pillows handcrafted with vintage Barkcloth that we at the Deborah Main studio love because of that same lime green and royal blue that is so prominent throughout Mid-century design.


And here are some fabulous blue and white geometric textiles below that we can’t wait to get started on creating luxury pillows with!  Which reminds me….we have a lot of exciting new changes coming up this year for Deborah Main Designs, like our NEW Essentials Collection and more. So be on the look out and follow us on Instagram @deborahmaindesigns and Twitter @deborahmain or sign up for our quarterly newsletter to get the full scoop coming up in late spring. Hint – new website on the horizon!

20150106_141401[1] (2)

One of the other interior designers, who is a home-grown Texas gal and a knockout designer, is the fabulous Dallas-based, Denise Mcgaha.  I have not had an opportunity yet to work with Denise, but I met her in Dallas a couple years ago at one of the #SneakPeeks for bloggers at Dallas Market.  She not only “Designs with a Deadline”, her signature trademark of designing within 90 days, and dresses to the nines with style, but look what she did with a laundry room below at the Christopher Kennedy Compound?

That’s what I love about talented interior designers like Julia, Denise, Christopher and all the other “Tastemakers” for the Showhouse, is they really know how to make every room of a home, from a master suite, to a kitchen to even a laundry room, feel curated and meaningful, one you’d want to spend a lot of time in.

Denise Mcgaha’s laundry room for The Christopher Kennedy Compound is so gorgeous with Mid-century colors, textures, and patterns, that I am totally inspired to make my laundry room into something spectacular.  I love Denise’s choice of colors, the wallpaper in an awesome retro pattern, and the ’60’s vibe with the rope chandelier. Very tropical and desert at the same time!



And last but not least, during the VIP Red Carpet Las Vegas Market Tour, we enjoyed THREE book signings, one of which was Christopher Kennedy’s new book, California Modern.  Here I am with Christopher in the VERY cool Zuo Mod Showroom.

20160125_174822 (2)

And here I am (below), before Jackie ushers us out to an over-the-top exciting final private cocktail party (more on that in March), having a blast in the Zuo Mod Providence Arm Chair in Blue Velvet!  WOW, did I love that modern showroom and chair!!

I hope I’ve inspired you to either hop on a plane to Palm Springs to check out all the cool modern design, or hire one of these amazing interior designers for your next interior home project.  You’ll be glad you did!  Till next time, stay warm in the Northeast, and bask in the sun in the Southwest.  XO, PG

PicMonkey Collage

The Decorating Diva’s Inspired by Textile Artist Deborah Main


2016 is off to a wild and exciting start! As many of you know, I went to the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market (where we have now TWO showrooms, Doris Sanders, Ltd. and Pennisula Home Collection) and, for the very first time, the Las Vegas Market, in a tour sponsored by the market and lead by the multi-talented Jackie Von Tobel of Soft Design Lab. Well, it was exciting beyond words!! I will be writing about the fabulous interior designers I met and wonderful 2016 design products and textiles I discovered too.  So if you haven’t signed up for our blog yet (or our upcoming Spring newsletter), click right HERE and that way you’ll keep up with all that’s happening in the Deborah Main studio, including our brand new Essentials Pillow Collection.

But for today, I want to share some inspiration with you.  Carmen Natschke, the savvy writer behind the popular trendsetting design portal The Decorating Diva, interviewed me to learn more about my inspiration. Carmen’s work inspires me too, as she features fashion, architecture, art, design, and so much on her blog HERE. I greatly admire the breadth of her design aesthetic and writing. So without further ado, many thanks to Carmen who wrote this fun interview of me below. Hope you enjoy it too. Have a great Valentines weekend! XOPG


“The Creative Cafe today, the splendidly talented textile artist Deborah Main of Deborah Main Designs. Deborah shares her inspiration, passion for designing with vintage fabrics and jewelry and her sage advice to creatives.

Creative Cafe // Textile Artist Deborah Main
By Carmen Natschke 

In the Creative Cafe today, the splendidly talented textile artist Deborah Main of Deborah Main Designs. Deborah shares her inspiration, passion for designing with vintage fabrics and jewelry and her sage advice to creatives.

I am inspired by the things I see around me. This could be nature, everyday objects, a painting, an architectural design, the latest fashion, or on the hunt for fabric. The creative inspiration starts when I discover striking materials and design, like a 1950s’ cocktail dress, a spool of colorful ribbon, or a unique textured fabric. I found one incredible 1960s’ gown its colorful wool and metallic fibers were absolutely irresistible! I then begin to imagine how these “found” objects can be fashioned into a fresh, dynamic way and I envision them as artistic pillows. Part of my inspiration also stems from being aware of my surroundings and open to seeing things in unusual ways. The world is full of layers upon layers of texture and color. A simple walk in the park might produce inspiration; I don’t look for it, it finds me!

Textile art and design attracts me because it is endlessly fascinating. To me, textiles, fiber and design present opportunities to explore color, texture, shape and form, all the things that make our world special and different. The materials exemplify a historical tradition of fine craftsmanship and artistry that I greatly value. I strive to rework what I see into a contemporary design that’s fresh and new, but can also be shared with generations to come. These textiles and designs not only speak to the moment, but carry forward a sense of timeless history and meaningful stories. And because of this, I relish in finding the unique in the ordinary. That’s what truly attracts me and gives me the opportunity to explore and create my textile art.

Deborah's use of vintage fabric and a vintage brooch create a beautiful bespoke decorative pillow.

If not creating textile artI would still pursue something related to the arts for sure – perhaps as a painter or photographer. But there is something about making use of these extraordinary materials and bringing a new and different perspective to them that really excites me. I can’t imagine not being involved with textiles, because I love the richness of color, the visual interest of texture, and the stories behind each piece I create.

Being an artist is woven into every aspect of my life, from collecting textiles to envisioning new designs. During the past 10 years, I’ve created a massive collection of unique materials from vintage apparel and jewelry to rare French trim and new silk brocades. When I manipulate the textiles, looking at them from a different viewpoint, I see endless design possibilities. Like an artist, my materials are my paints, and the pillow my canvas.

Cover of "Once Upon A Pillow" by Rebecca Vizard.

The most recent textile art-related book I’ve read and would recommend is “Once Upon A Pillow” by Rebecca Vizard, another artist who works with antique rare textiles and trim. She shares her personal story and how her work with textiles evolved over time. I’m inspired and fascinated by other artists and designers’ stories of how they got started in the business. And the textiles themselves have stories as well. I have one basket of gorgeous French metallic trim that I collected yard by yard over several years and Rebecca has two shelves of about 20 baskets of all the different shades of golden trim. After reading her book, I feel I’ve only skimmed the surface! Rebecca’s story and designs greatly motivate me to collect more of these rare materials.

I would definitely recommend this book because it ties in the history of Rebecca’s life with the history of the textiles and how it is all interconnected. I relate to Rebecca’s experience on a personal level as my business is based on the history of my Main family heritage, and the heirloom-quality textiles and jewelry that were passed down to me. So it’s very important for me to read books that share artists’ life stories, their love of textiles, and the designs they create. Books like these inspire me to work harder and continue to follow my passion to make beautiful pillows.

Luxury designer pillow designed and created by Deborah.

The most challenging artistic project I’ve undertaken was my very first custom order in 2004 using antique beaded shelf-liners and most recently a Pillow Art Challenge for BD West Design Fair. They both involved working with new and different materials and problem solving. I had never worked with antique textiles before and the client asked me to transform two gorgeous Victorian hand-beaded shelf-liners into pillows. To overcome this challenge, I had to learn more about antique textiles to figure out a way to protect the Victorian beading, how to sew and ruche a fragile Victorian velvet cape, and hand stitch the beading without damaging it. Basically, to solve this design problem, I created a box pillow with a high trim so that the beading would be inset and more protected.

For the Pillow Art Challenge, there were few guidelines on size or materials. I used unique items from a vintage black leather belt with wooden beads, and vintage chinchilla fur to antique French trim. The challenge was creating a design that incorporated these beautiful, yet very different, textured materials with varying thickness, into something modern. I played around with the supplies I selected, creating layers upon layers, trying lace and other textiles as the backdrop to the vintage belt. Then I was faced with how to sew on the belt. I took it to a shoe repair shop and asked them to cut the belt in a way that preserved an edge to work with. Thankfully, it worked!

Both were very challenging projects requiring me to be creative, do research, think outside of the box, and problem solve. It was scary and exhilarating at the same time, because I never know how the final product will look until it is completed.

Chinchilla fur and

My creative endeavors have from the very beginning forced me to step outside my comfort zone because I never considered myself an artist or designer. I had to learn how to sew, understand textiles, and market myself and my product. Basically, I was thrust into becoming an entrepreneur, running every single aspect of a small business. Little did I know that my creative endeavor would put me there and open up the exciting worlds of fashion, vintage, textiles, art, interior design, tradeshows, blogging, and more.

In my first year, I stepped into the world of vintage with a local shop owner and collector that very quickly became my mentor and taught me everything I know about vintage textiles and jewelry. And to my good fortune, she loved my designs so much, she gave me access to her private collection of textiles.

My creative vision gave me a hunger to learn all I could about new and vintage textiles and trim, and the cultures where some of my materials came from. For example, I traveled back to China, where we adopted our daughter, and met small shopkeepers and learned how to select beautiful silk brocades. I was also fortunate enough to travel to Suzhou along the historic Silk Road and see for myself the silk worms and old wooden looms that weave these gorgeous textiles.

Most recently, this past summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Italy which was incredibly inspiring. A dear milliner friend who studied textile restoration and taught me about working with antique textiles, reminded me about Fortuny being on Giudecca island near Venice. Luckily our hotel was right across the island! So a very special part of that trip was scheduling a private tour at the Fortuny factory and showroom. That visit to Fortuny turned out to not just be a step away from the usual tourist destinations, but a huge inspiration that opened up a whole new world for me revolving around the history and traditions in textile making.

I have found that when we’re thrust forward into other worlds, there are such enriching cultural experiences and relationships awaiting us. I met so many incredible people along the way, heard fascinating stories, learned more than I ever new possible, was fortunate to have mentors, and created lifelong friendships all over the world. These cultural experiences have helped me see the world in a whole different inspiring light.

Black and white striped pillow splendidly embellished and finished with a lovely cameo brooch.

The project I dream about creating somedaywith no limits or boundaries on time or money? I’d hop on a plane tomorrow to Paris and shop at all the flea markets collecting vintage French Passementerie. Actually, I’d fly all over the world on the hunt for textiles and trim. I love meeting the shopkeepers and learning everything I can about textiles. Also, I guess you could say the biggest project I truly dream of creating is building my design empire with my 20 year old daughter and exploring the world with her. We have big plans together and bigger dreams. We even have a name for the company, but I’m not revealing anything quite yet.

My advice to those who feel the call to pursue their creative dreams is to just do it! Don’t wait for enough money, enough time or anything. When the creative spark comes, run with it as fast as you can. I had an artistic epiphany in a textile store and knew immediately that something special happened and I was going to become an artist. People follow their dreams in many different ways. Some have a business plan and financial backing. Others, like me, just let it evolve and reveal itself over time. It helped tremendously that my husband had a full time job which gave me the opportunity to explore the textile and design business before I jumped in with both feet. There is no wrong or right way to pursue your creativity. You’ve got to take risks. If you’re lucky enough to discover it, then own it, explore it, and watch it take you to worlds you never dreamed of. Your creativity is a beautiful thing and will set you free in so many ways!

NOTE: This interview above was reprinted from The Decorating Diva by Carmen Natschke.

Add A Little Zip to Your New Year & Help Texas Tornado Relief!

IMG_20151229_130501 (2)

Hard to believe 2015 is almost over and in just 3 days we will ring in the new year. I’m not sure I’m quite ready, but as always, we must be.  My new word (according to Facebook) for the new year is CHANGE!!  And that is something we all must embrace on a daily basis and I’m excited for the year ahead.

But sadly, this is not the kind of change below that we wish for anyone in the new year. Here at Deborah Main Designs, our hearts go out to all those affected by the deadly storms all over the country, but specifically in Texas during the Christmas weekend. Hard to comprehend the devastation. Please donate if you can, as I know so many families need your help.

My family has already donated, but we at Deborah Main Designs will donate the entire proceeds, $495.00, from the sale of this pair of UnZipped pillows above.

An aerial image taken Sunday, December 27, 2015 shows the path of a tornado tornado through Garland, Texas. Violent storms ripped through the North Texas area late Saturday, spawning tornados that killed 11 people. (G.J. McCarthy/The Dallas Morning News)

An aerial image taken Sunday, December 27, 2015 shows the path of a tornado tornado through Garland, Texas. Violent storms ripped through the North Texas area late Saturday, spawning tornados that killed 11 people. (G.J. McCarthy/The Dallas Morning News)

So please consider putting a little zip into your new year AND doing a great thing for those in need, by purchasing the above pair of UnZipped pillows before midnight on December 31, 2015. You can purchase them right HERE. The proceeds from this sale will go directly to the Garland, Texas Tornado Relief fund. (Note: you can still purchase this pair of pillows after 12.31.15 at full price $895/pair).

Now before the year ends, I would like to take a moment to recognize the WINNER of our #ColorYourHolidays Instagram Contest, Linda Holt of Linda Holt Interiors.  I am thrilled for Linda, as she is a fabulous interior designer who loves color! CONGRATULATIONS LINDA!!!

Linda Liked, Tweeted, Tagged, and Shared the most during our December contest and we’d like to thank her and the 100+ people who participated.  I know Linda and all of you love color just as much as Amy and I do!  The contest was sponsored by Color Expert, Amy Wax, who created the ingenious and popular award-winning color App, Color911 and myself, Deborah Main of luxury pillow design studio, Deborah Main Designs.


As the winner of our fun and successful #ColorYourHolidays contest, Linda has some choices to make. Here’s what Linda wins, total value $450.00:

  • 10 Color911 Apps to gift to family and friends
  • 1 Les Petits Bijoux holiday ornament,
  • 2 luxury pillows by Deborah Main

Below are just 3 examples from up to 15-20 one-of-a-kind and Limited Edition holiday ornaments from which Linda can choose.  Note how Amy’s Color911 App will help Linda determine which color ornament will look best in her home with her decor.

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s 3 of up to 20 luxury Deborah Main pillows Linda also has to choose from. Oh boy, is that color tool Color911 App going to come in handy as Linda makes her selections.

PicMonkey Collage1

Now I know the new year is not quite here yet, but when it arrives, we will all be making plans, setting goals, looking forward to summer vacations, and possibly remodeling and redecorating our homes for the spring.

So before I forget, I want you to know that ALL of Deborah Main luxury pillows are at a “Special Holiday Pricing” through December 31, 2015.

Come January 1, 2016, they will go back to their original price, so please shop now right HERE to catch this special sale that has never before been done on our website in 11 years of business.  And watch for exciting new designs in 2016!

Till then, here’s a few of the sale pillows below.  I wish each and every one of you an AMAZING 2016!! Thank you for reading my blog, participating in Amy’s and my #ColorYourHolidays contest (wasn’t that fun! Watch for more coming up in the new year!), and your continued support of our luxury pillow design studio in Austin, Texas, where all our pillows are proudly handcrafted in the USA!! (And please think about that donation above, as you can purchase those pillows right HERE).

Also, please see the announcement below of a wonderful Austin store that now carries the Deborah Main Designs’ luxury pillow line. It’s been 4 years since any Austin store has carried our line, but now that Austin has almost 2 million residents, we look forward to adding more local retailers for you in 2016. Happy New Year my friends! XO PG

IMG_20151229_131311 (2)

Purchase this vintage Paris souvenir scarf pillow right HERE.

IMG_20151229_125155 (2)
Purchase this pair of fabulous over-sized pillows, perfect for a king-size bed in your master suite, right HERE.

These 3 spectacular Les Bijoux de Luxe pillows below are no longer available on our website, but do not fear, as I am thrilled to announce they are NOW AVAILABLE IN AUSTIN exclusively at The Great Curtain Company, so be sure to stop by and shop for not only exquisite custom curtains, but Deborah Main pillows too!

PicMonkey Collage3

IMG_20151224_011126 (2)

A Touch of Red & Green is All-time Favorite to Color Your Holidays!

Color911 2 iPad in use - Pillow red DM 1 (002)

I don’t know about you, but I love red!  As I’ve been working on this blog post listening to classical music, surrounded by the glow of candles and the lights on our tree, I realize how much I love to decorate with traditional red and green for the holidays.  And after shopping for gifts all day, I’m so looking forward to relaxing with the family around our Christmas tree, playing games, and maybe even making some holiday cookies.

The simplest way I decorate for the holiday season is with a few red poinsettias strategically placed around my home. I like one on our piano in our entry way and some in our dining room near the tree.

But a few colorful Deborah Main accent pillows can also easily brighten up a room for the holiday season!

If you’ve been following color consultant Amy Wax’s and Deborah Main Designs’ #ColorYourHolidays contest on Instagram, you know we’ve been talking about color – from teal and blues, to creams and Italy inspired golden sunsets, we’ve been talking about giving the “gift of color” all month long. So if you haven’t done it yet, now is the time!

As you can see from this vintage designer scarf pillow above, the handy color tool, Color 911 App, created by color expert Amy Wax, helps you decorate with many other colors that complement red and green.  Our family/dining room walls are a rich caramel color and I was finally able to sneak in my one red wall.  So, as you can see below, (photographed on our couch near our tree for this blog post), this fabulous vintage Vera Neumann scarf pillow would complement my home decor perfectly, and maybe yours too.

Our studio,  Deborah Main Designs, is offering (for the very time on our website) “Special Holiday Pricing” through December 31st.  Please feel free to shop for the above pillow for your home decor right HERE, and we’ll be happy to ship it out to you pronto.  They make perfect housewarming gifts as well!

IMG_20151221_214926 (2)

With the award-winning color app, Color 911, you’d be amazed at how often you would use this tool while shopping for home decor.  Just today, I managed to pop into a fabric shop to start looking for some cut velvet for my mother’s chair we’re planning to reupholster, and if my phone hadn’t died, the Color911 App would have helped me tremendously.  As you can see below, it is THE creative tool that homeowners and designers, artists, and really anyone that loves and works with color, can make use of in a variety of ways.

The Color 911 App has really made me look at color in a whole new light, which I’m super excited about.  Because it not only has helped me decorate my home for the holidays, but has also helped me decide on some colors in my pillow designs for sure!

DM Color911 2 - new ad 1 sq

Like this green paisley silk brocade pillow and all the many fabulous shades of green throughout the design gives you so many options to decorate with. I love the chartreuse green against the olive green. It just opens up a whole new world to decorating with color!

Color911 2 photo - pillow green DM 1

And look what the Color 911 App does with one of our Les Petits Bijoux collectible holiday ornaments.  This ornament below is handcrafted in our Austin, Texas studio of vintage French Damask and trimmed with vintage country red and green plaid trim from Paris (which I love, because we have it in several colorways in our private vintage French trim collection) and crowned with a sparkly vintage clear rhinestone button.

Very classic ornament color scheme and design. One that makes a perfect gift to the hostess at you next holiday party.

Color911 2 iPhone in use - Ornament red fancy DM 2

Here it is on our tree below, where I photographed many of our custom holiday ornaments for you to see how they look on a Christmas tree. But they’re also perfect little gems to add red and green holiday decor to your office cubicle or on your bedroom mirror.

And trust me, you do not have to save these ornaments just for the holidays as we handcraft them in any color combination you would like for all special occasions.

If I were getting married again, I think they’d make perfect bridesmaid gifts….but I’ve been married 31 years to a fabulous husband, so I’ll have to pass on that idea. But you don’t!  So please keep our collectible ornaments in mind for your next occasion. You can shop for them on this fabulous new luxury home decor & gift online boutique, La Bella Fiona.

IMG_20151221_221846 (2)

Now last but not least, I would be remiss if I did not inform you that you have ONLY 2 days left to enter Amy’s and my #Color Your Holidays contest!  So hurry now and hop on over to our Instagram accounts and follow the instructions.

For starters, you need to follow us both on Instagram: @amywax and @DeborahMainDesigns and start using the heck out of that hashtag #ColorYourHolidays.  

I mean look at the fabulous PRIZE the winner receives!!  Now think of 9 of your friends and family that would enjoy receiving the Color 911 App (and some Deborah Main luxury pillows too!) and get to work on that list because Wed, the 23rd at 5 p.m. EST, the contest ends and we select only ONE lucky winner who has used the hashtag #ColorYourHolidays most AND followed the rest of our instructions (see complete rules on our Instagram links above).

I’d love to see some of your holiday decorating pics, so please share them and watch for the winner Wed, the 23rd.  Till next time, I wish you and your family a magical holiday. Merry Christmas!  XOPG

Contest - ColorYourHolidays 4


Inspired by Travel – Give the Gift of Color this Holiday!



From the rooftops, sunsets, and textiles of Venice to crystal chandeliers and fashion in Milan, my family trip to Northern Italy this summer was full of color inspiration. Traveling has a way of doing that for me, and I’m sure you too. It gives us a chance to see our world from a different perspective, to experience different cultures and to explore the food, people, art, fashion, and design that inspires us.

We all need color in our lives. I believe color is integral to happiness in our lives.  And we are surrounded by it everywhere.

Whether its to stimulate our senses with bursts of sienna, orange, tomato red, gold and rust, or provide calm and peace with Pantone’s new colors of the year: Rose Quartz & Serenity. Below are the new Pantone colors seen here in the incredibly inspiring Armani Exhibition we went to in Milan.

So please join Deborah Main Designs and Amy Wax (developer of the award-winning Color911 App) this holiday season and #ColorYourHoliday with the “Gift of Color”. Follow our blogs and start using the hashtag above because we’re going to announce our contest very soon and we think you’ll like the winning gift!


I don’t know about you, but if you’re like me when you travel, you want to bring back meaningful gifts for friends and family and find a way to capture those colorful memories.


This Deborah Main Designs’ holiday ornament above from our Les Petits Bijoux Collection does just that. It was inspired by the rich amber and golden sunset on the Grand Canal in Venice and the golds and creams in this 1960’s gown (below). I love how Amy’s Color911 App pulls out all the colors so one can easily find a gift to complement your holiday tree or home decor.



When I learned that the Fortuny showroom and factory was on Giudecca island right near our hotel….well I planned ahead and scheduled THE most amazing private tour. Here is a gorgeous gold, pinkish rose Fortuny textile that also inspired me for this holiday ornament.  See all of their textiles here.


I even get inspiration from the food I eat, like this delicious plate of Gnocchi and the richly painted buildings.



I made this holiday ornament as a special gift for the owner of La Bella Fiona, a new luxury online store that features our collectible Les Petits Bijoux holiday ornaments. (Note: when wholesalers and the Trade buy a dozen, we make a complementary 13th one especially for them. We also do custom orders for all of our clients). Be sure to spend some time looking around this fabulous new online site, as it sells many other gorgeous items to give as gifts this holiday season. And watch for more Deborah Main one-of-a-kind luxury pillows on  La Bella Fiona, like this classic gold silk brocade (available any minute now!) that will look lovely in the same room as the ornament.

IMG_20151130_222041 (2)

Now onto the meaning of Christmas and this holiday season we are so blessed with, giving the “Gift of Color”.

One of the reason’s my passion is handcrafting luxury pillows, is because I love to create beautiful, meaningful gifts for you and your home.

Historically in the 1940’s and 50’s, travelers brought back souvenir handkerchiefs and scarves to remind them of their holiday vacation. In the US it was state hankies to remember their road trip along Route 66, but in international cities, like Rome or Paris, it was large, satin or silk scarves like this Parisian beauty below.

We here at Deborah Main Designs collect “original” vintage souvenir scarves and hankies and love to transform them into collectible art, beautiful pillow keepsakes.  You can decorate your home with them or give them as house-warming gifts.

You also can keep a souvenir pillow out year round, or just for the holidays or summer, like many of us often bring out a special set of dishes or china during the holidays, or change up our decor seasonally.

Color911 2 iPhone in use - Pillow Paris DM 1

I particularly love the fall colors in this Paris souvenir scarf pillow, (which happens to have “special holiday pricing” in our online shop) because, like the City of Lights, it reminds me of colors in nature you might see on a stroll along The River Seine, maybe even at sunset – from a buttery yellow and leafy green to a tomato red and bronze rust. There’s a little bit of everyhing…and let’s not forget the landmarks we love so much, like the Arc de Triomphe, Musee d’Orsay, and the “piece de resistance”, the Eiffel Tower.

So when you’re thinking about gift-giving this holiday season, I’d like you to think about one main thing: 

What is a unique, meaningful gift you can give someone you care about, and how can you give the “Gift of Color” to make that someone special happy and joyful this holiday season.

When shopping for holiday gifts, or decor, you can never go wrong with selecting a pillow of the state, or country, your friend is from, or where you and your hubs spent your honeymoon. And you can never go wrong with a golden one-of-a-kind ornament for someone’s tree.

Sure, we all decorate our homes in a variety of colors from teal and aqua, like we showed you in last week’s post, to traditional reds and greens you’ll see on the blog next week. But I personally don’t think you can ever go wrong giving a meaningful “Gift of Color”. (And don’t forget, you can even gift the Color911 App right HERE).

Because color and travel evoke fond memories for many of us. And a unique and special heirloom-quality gift, like Deborah Main Designs’ one-of-a-kind and limited edition pillows, (with “special holiday pricing through December) will always be valued. And who knows, maybe even passed down to the next generation of travelers and gift-givers.

Give the gift of love and #ColorYourHolidays with Deborah Main Designs, La Bella Fiona, and Color 911. And color expert, Amy Wax, gives you some fabulous decorating tips right HERE. Till next week, when it’s onto more traditional holiday decor, hope you’re staying safe and close to family and friends throughout the holidays, and maybe even taking a special holiday vacation too! XO PG