Deborah Main Inspired by WOW1000

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Wow1000, BIGAUSTIN, Nonprofit, Small Business, loans, women, entrepreneurs, A couple weeks ago I attended a “Woman’s Night Out” event hosted by BiGAUSTIN, called WOW1000.  The evening was a fabulous success! I was one of six women-owned, small businesses in Austin asked to participate in this event as a vendor and supporter…and all I have to say from attending the event is WOW!!!! It was an incredible and rewarding experience.

Now what was so exciting about this very special night out for women was it was BIGAUSTIN’S launch of their WOW1000 campaign: Women of Wealth and their new documentary film, “Women Unveiled”. (please watch for the video link below).


Me with Becky Feeley, owner of Texas Carpet Baggers.

Guests arrived by entering the gorgeous iPic theatre lobby at The Domain via the red carpet. Vendor tables were set up selling unique products and services. Each vendor was an inspiring entrepreneur as well as a BiGAUSTIN client.  I really enjoyed getting to know the other vendors and mingling with all the fabulous guests. Vendors included:

When I got the invitation to participate in this event, I jumped at the opportunity to support BIGAUSTIN, as they are central Texans’ single-source solution for entrepreneurial education, tailored business counseling, and flexible loans. But they are important to me too because they gave Deborah Main Designs it’s first business loan to make our custom booth shelving in order to debut our product at the 2013 International Gift & Home Furnishings Market in Atlanta, Georgia. If not for BIGAUSTIN, I would never have been able to take my brand national!!

Our booth 1-502 in High Design at AmericasMart in Atlanta

The goal of the WOW1000 campaign is to help cultivate community through supporting women-owned businesses in Central Texas. WOW1000 stresses the importance of investing in small businesses, because when you do, you are also investing in your local economy. Investing in small businesses helps to sustain and create local jobs.Wow1000, BIGAUSTIN, Nonprofit, Small Business, loans, women, entrepreneurs, What’s Unique:  WOW1000′s goal is not only to support women-owned businesses, but  to help women who are trying to get out of oppressive circumstances – and end human trafficking.

WOW1000 does this by providing training on the basics of running a business and educating about the financial aspect of starting a business. But they also pair up with the Austin Police Department to help women who are searching for a fresh start. There was a huge presence of the Austin Police Department. I met and spoke with so many wonderful police women, honorable and hard-working,  doing their duty in Austin to protect all citizens, but also to protect women against abuse.

Wow1000, BIGAUSTIN, Nonprofit, Small Business, loans, women, entrepreneurs,

I really enjoyed talking with Lieutenant Gena Curtis, head of the Crime Victims Unit, who was the kindest, most warm-hearted person. To be honest, it’s my first experience in meeting Austin women of the police force. And how enriching it was!

What’s shocking: It turns out Texas accounts for  25% of the United States human trafficking victims. There are approximating 740 women and girls trafficked across Texas in just one single month! So there is a HUGE need for this WOW1000 program and the funding.

BiGAUSTIN decided to invest in women because in their own research they saw that that was where they made their largest impact. They recruited seven powerful women in leadership in Austin to be the Ambassadors to help recruit women and raise money for this campaign.

Wow1000, BIGAUSTIN, Nonprofit, Small Business, loans, women, entrepreneurs, Ambassadors, giving, fundraising, campaign, Austin Police Department

WOW1000 Ambassadors & Supporters:     Top Row: Chelsea McCullough, Stacy Dukes-Rhone (Executive Director, BIGAUSTIN), Judy O’Brien Chavis, Rina Hartline. Bottom row: Jessica Robledo (Assistant Chief, Austin Police Department), Ingrid Vanderveldt (Entrepreneur in Residence, Dell; UN Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council”, Donna Myers (Vice President Branch Manager, Regions Bank), and Dawnna Dukes,  State Representative. (some Ambassadors not present in photo).

Women business owners struggle to gain funds for their businesses. In fact, women are only granted 5% of the venture capital throughout the U.S.!

 WOW1000 gives women in Central Texas what every woman deserves- the opportunity to create a life that is financially stable for herself and her family. We put women’s needs first. When banks say no, we give women the footing to pursue their dreams of starting a business. We liberate women. Join us.”

And you’ll see why in the WOW1000 Documentary debuted at this fabulous event. Please see theWomen Unveiled: The Entrepreneurial Truth of Texasvideo  HERE!

We love BiGAUSTIN as they’re often in the corner of the “underdog” and invest in businesses like bakeries, salons, childcare services, and even pillow design studios like Deborah Main Designs.  With not yet having the funds to gain more exposure outside of Austin, BIGAUSTIN was the best solution for me, as no other bank would fund my small business to take my product nationally. Plus they provide so much FREE training and education and have an incredibly resourceful and caring staff who want to see you succeed.  I personally want to thank dear friend April Meyer of Fabricker who connected me to BIGAUSTIN and the incredible staff there who want to help small business owners.

Wow1000, BIGAUSTIN, Nonprofit, Small Business, loans, women, entrepreneurs,

BigAustin’s Business Development Manager, Daniel Frunza, and other staff enjoying the WOW1000 event.

Wow1000, BIGAUSTIN, Nonprofit, Small Business, loans, women, entrepreneurs,

Me having a little fun posing with BIGAUSTIN’S WBC Program Director, Claudia Conner.

As the owner of a small business myself, Deborah Main Designs, I was really honored to be able to participate in this event, and become a WOW1000 supporter, because it really resonated with me.

We do all we can to shop locally, support local charities by donating pillows to silent auctions (as we did for this event), and support small businesses, particularly women-owned businesses. Click here to see some of the small “shop local” businesses that I and BIGAUSTIN support!

I also care immensely about the struggles that women face every day around the world, from basic necessities, to child care, to human trafficking and to the lack of financial investment opportunities. I have experienced first hand the power of women uniting and wanting  to do more in this world through many organizations. We women must stick together and share our strengths and resources to continue to build equality in our community and the business world!


Featured speaker, Ingrid Vanderveldt, revving up the group with her stories. The word amazing is sooo overused….but I can’t help it. She was AMAZING!!

After a little shopping, hor d’ouevres and mingling for the guests, the evening kicked off with THE voice for international women’s empowerment, Ingrid Vanderveldt. Ingrid is Dell’s Entrepreneur in Residence as well as a member of the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council. If you ever get the chance to hear her speak, run and sign up immediately!!  She was awe inspiring!! Actually all the speakers were, and Assistant Police Chief Robledo was a spitfire full of passion for women entrepreneurs and to help the victims of human trafficking.

The WOW1000 event was an incredible success! From a silent auction to a red carpet, with such influential speakers, to the world premier of Women Unveiled: The Entrepreneurial Truth of Texas, I had an wonderful time and met so many interesting and caring women. I came away with a feeling that we all can have a part in helping to fulfill the mission of WOW1000. So here’s your chance:

WOW1000′s goal is to gather $1,000 contributions from other women business owners to raise $1 million to invest in other women trying to start small businesses. Each $1,000 donation provides a 7-week Start Smart course or 20 hours of businesses counseling to five women. The donations go a long way into helping educate and train new women entrepreneurs.  I urge you take a look at WOW1000′s website to learn more and contribute to such a great cause!

There are a myriad of ways that you can get involved and support this campaign.  Please watch the new documentary Women Unveiled” featuring Austin’s own Cherie Matthews, CEO of Heal in Comfort, Kendra Scott, and many other Austin business owners HERE


Guests Emily Lively and sisters Sabrina & Monique Talerica.


Guests Megan NcNeese, Lisa D. Loftus, and Odette Tan.

And what’s so great about this campaign is you don’t have to afford $1,000 to be a supporter of the WOW1000 campaign. With just $50 you can win a Sephora Makeup Consultation or for $60, an original Deborah Main pillow. You can also donate as little as $3. Every little bit helps with this to get this initial campaign to reach it’s goal, so please check out the right sidebar for all the donation options.

Also WOW1000 is now accepting applications for 2015 Ambassadors HERE!

We are so excited and proud to be part of this incredible campaign. So please join me at Deborah Main Designs in becoming a supporter of this incredible initiative, WOW1000. Together, let’s help end human trafficking and help women have the opportunity to become small business entrepreneurs.  I thank you for your support of something so dear to me that will help many other central Texas women! Till next time, XOPG

Click our FACEBOOK album to see more photos and HERE to see a mini-video of the fun we had! Re-Live-Womens-Night-Out

Shopping in Jersey with Deborah Main Designs

Come shop with Deborah Main Designs in Haddonfield, New Jersey tonight!
Pearl Clutch, Shopping, Haddonfield New Jersey, Brooches, Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, luxury decorative pillows, luxury, home decor, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted

Boy, do I wish I lived in Haddonfield, New Jersey today!!  Haddonfield is a great shopping destination with a variety of stores, but for us at Deborah Main Designs, one special boutique, Pearl Clutch, really stands out. This award winning women’s boutique specializes in handbags, scarves, beautiful pearl and fashion jewelry, Chanel vintage button remix jewelry, handmade soaps, travel accessories, and so much more.

Pearl Clutch is one of the many shops along the route tonight for Haddonfield’s famous “Girl’s Night Out”. And if you live in Jersey (or know anyone who does) let me tell you girls, you do NOT want to miss this event tonight!!  The owners of Pearl Clutch have gone all out to make this event spectacular because they are celebrating their one year anniversary.  Congratulations Karen & Pat!!!  And you certainly don’t want to miss the debut of our exclusive black & white cameo pillows featuring vintage French Passementerie, now do you? (Nope I didn’t think so! :-) ).  We really wish we could be there too!  (To learn more about our vintage French Passementerie collection, please see our post on collecting French trim).

Chanel, pearls, vintage, Pearl Clutch, Shopping, Haddonfield New Jersey, Brooches, Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, luxury decorative pillows, luxury, home decor, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted

Now how do I know these two amazing women? I had the pleasure of meeting owner Karen Morgan and Pat Catalini of Pearl Clutch in July at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market.  These Jersey gals are a pure delight!  They attended our Friday night social hour (remember, champagne and  Delysia chocolate truffels!) and we really enjoyed chatting up a storm with them.  Beautifully decked out in black and white from head to toe and multiple strands of pearls, these lovely women just lit up the room! We had incredible fun entertaining them, seeing photos of their store, and sharing the Deborah Main story about our pillow line.

Chanel, pearls, vintage, Pearl Clutch, Shopping, Haddonfield New Jersey, Brooches, Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, luxury decorative pillows, luxury, home decor, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted

Myself with Pat Catalini and Karen Morgan of Pearl Clutch boutique

And there just so happened to be ONE pillow in particular that really stood out to these buyers.  Let’s be honest here, they fell in love with it!! That’s right, our one-of-a-kind black & white beauty handcrafted with vintage French Passementerie (and featured on the 2008 cover of Austin American Statesman Glossy magazine with a Loubouton heel about to crush it in a feature called “Heartless”.)  We’ve held onto this favorite pillow of ours for the permanent collection of Deborah Main pillows because, well, we just couldn’t part with it.

And we’ve always proudly displayed this Rococo Ribbon pillow at our events because it is an excellent example of what we do here at the Deborah Main Designs studio in Austin Texas.  Frankly, this little one-of-a-kind pillow sums up our entire creative process!

The “creative process” story: In 2008, there was no black and white fabric to be had in Austin Texas (I am serious folks!) and I was asked to create a pillow for this feature article.  So, I just decided to make my own black and white fabric!  I used vintage black velvet ribbons to form the stripes on white faux suede. I love to mix it all up with textures anyways, so it was perfect! Then I had three beautiful corners of jet black vintage French silk Passementerie that were drop-dead gorgeous and, as I played around with them, I was able to create a heart.  After adding the finishing touch of faux pearls (from my daughter’s jewelry making supplies, I kid you not!), a vintage B&W cameo and black crushed velvet on the back, well it just all came together into this yummy pillow we adore.

And we were thrilled that Karen and Pat, of Pearl Clutch boutique, adored it too!!  So much that we did everything we could to source more black vintage French trim to create these three beautiful samples for their anniversary event.

Chanel, pearls, vintage, Pearl Clutch, Shopping, Haddonfield New Jersey, Brooches, Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, luxury decorative pillows, luxury, home decor, one-of-a-kind, handcraftedSo please join me at Deborah Main Designs in wishing Karen and Pat of Pearl Clutch a fantastic one year anniversary celebration!!  Tell all your friends far and near to be sure to check out this beautiful shop, as not only do they feature Chanel and Thad Cline jewelry, but they’ve got a little Deborah Main going on there too with their gorgeous black and white boutique motif!!  Happy shopping!  XO, PG

Vintage Chanel jewelry & Deborah Main pillows on display at Pearl Clutch.

Vintage Chanel jewelry & Deborah Main pillows on display at Pearl Clutch.

Deborah Main Designs Spices Up Your Summer

Red group, Brooches, Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, design, fashion, vintage, textiles, jewelry, luxury, Luxury pillows, The Pillow Goddess

Reds lovely enough to brighten any room!

Here at Deborah Main Designs, to escape the heat, we just got back from a family vacation by staying at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio (more on historic hotels this fall!), lounging by their pool, and eating lots of ice cream…and what a divine meal atop the Tower of the Americas.  But with all this heat we keep talking about (and in Texas it sticks around until the end of September!), we think it’s about time to spice things up a bit! What better way then to add some warmth to your summer home than with a punch of color? We prefer something from this color story of orange and red pillows to add a clean, vibrant edge to any décor.

Orange Group, Brooches, Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, design, fashion, vintage, textiles, jewelry, luxury, Luxury pillows, The Pillow Goddess

Orange and green, with punches of black and white, can bring warmth to a lovely neutral sofa.

In this family of colors, both red and orange, have long been associated with activity and the unconventional. As you can see, they really do convey action in this newly renovated  showroom, the Interior Design Gallery in Austin, Texas, where we brought bright energy and vigor to their beautiful furnishings with this color story.  With irregular spots on the rectangle  Pop Art pillow made from a 1960′s patio dress, and lively stripes on the square pillow, this duo of orange pillows rivals the brilliantly unusual portrait of a vintage car in the background! (Both the couch and painting are available at Interior Design Gallery).

If you aren’t feeling the fire of our summer red and orange series, don’t fret! We have an amazing off white & tan series that can help you conquer the neutral tones of a balmy beach house.

Tan Group, Brooches, Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, design, fashion, vintage, textiles, jewelry, luxury, Luxury pillows, The Pillow Goddess

This color story works separately or together. With huge spots and energetic waves,  and a linen pillow featuring our vintage French trim, these guys will match any decor.

We are very excited to be featured in Interior Design Gallery’s newly remodeled showroom and cannot encourage you enough to stop in and check out some of the fabulous accessories and furniture they carry.  This is the only showroom in town too that you can see all of our collections under one roof! Now how about that?

tangroup silly

When I saw how much that pillow’s top wave looked like a man with a mustache, I just could not resist!

So how about it? I MUST ask you a question: What colors have you used this summer to liven up your home or summer cottage? We would love to hear from you, so please let us know what you’ve been up to with your summer decor.

And take time out today from your busy schedule to catch me and two other savvy  business owners on’s new Retail Success: Buying the Best Series.  Whether your designs are red hot or cool blue, Deborah Main Designs has got you covered.  This live panel will provide tips on connecting with buyers and approaching boutiques with your designs.  Until next week, XO PG.


Summer Travel with Deborah Main Designs

Grab a towel and get poolside with Deborah Main!

IMG_0378 copy

Deborah Main Designs featuring her Timeless Travels Collection!

Centered in Austin, Texas, Deborah Main, founder of Deborah Main Designs, sure knows how to beat the summer heat by taking a trip or two….or hitting the pool! Whether it’s cross country up to the cool coast of Maine, or just around the corner to the market for ice cream, everyone should travel and take a mini vacation this time of year. Especially since it’s been 104 degrees in Austin!

When escaping the scorching heat, we travel and see as many new places as possible. While there, we scour vintage shops and pick up some of the most amazing things to remember our trips by.  Now, some of these nostalgic mementos are available for everyone to see with our Timeless Travels Collection, bringing a fabulous vacation destination to your home and adding a touch of the whimsical or exotic to any room.

pillow_01 copyOur Timeless Travels Collection is a lighthearted series created with inspiration from the unique 1940′s and ’50′s souvenir scarves, shams and handkerchiefs (unused of course!) from cities, states and countries all across the world. For those of you wise enough to remember, road trips were five kids packed into a flip-up trunk seat, facing backwards, in a long wood-paneled station wagon. Now we just hop on a jet and we’re in Paris in six hours!! We’ve been collecting these original vintage souvenirs (not reproductions) for years and you’ll see why, as they pop with color and beg for a coastal summer home or your favorite cozy chair. And they’re just plain FUN!!!!

Delicate scarves from abroad -  think Paris – give this scarf series a glossy finish and a silky texture that invites you to run your hands across fabric depicting landscapes found only across oceans.


Brooches, Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, design, fashion, vintage, textiles, jewelry, luxury, Luxury pillows, The Pillow Goddess A personal favorite of ours is the 1940′s collectible souvenir handkerchiefs (below) made from original Franshaw scalloped-edge hankies.  Franshaw was THE company back in the hey day that produced many of these 100% cotton handkerchiefs for tourists to remember their trip. Backed in stripes, polka dots, or checks, we’ve collected states from coast to coast and think they make adorable gifts!!!

Brooches, Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, design, fashion, vintage, textiles, jewelry, luxury, Luxury pillows, The Pillow Goddess

Clockwise: starting with a bather enjoying the waters of Florida, St. Louis, Texas Bluebonnets, Large Aqua Lone Star State Texas, Mexican Bullfighter, Niagra Falls, Paris, California, New Jersey. And the 3 in the middle: Florida, New York and large Florida with pink pelicans.

Clockwise: starting with a bather enjoying the waters of Florida, St. Louis, Texas Bluebonnets, Large Aqua Lone Star State Texas, Mexican Bullfighter, Niagara Falls, Paris, California, New Jersey. And the 3 in the middle: Florida, New York and large Florida with pink pelicans.

If you can’t wander too far from home this summer, these festive pillows can bring the glamor of a vacation directly to you in the comforts of your own home. Please come along for the ride, down Route 66, with Deborah Main Designs and enjoy our Timeless Travels Collection, a vintage series of original keepsakes that we adore! (Can’t find your state or country? Give our studio a call and we’ll take care of you right away. 512.447.9807). Hope you’re having a fantastic summer!!!  xo PG

Deborah Main Designs has gone to Atlanta!


Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, design, fashion, vintage, textiles, jewelry, luxury, Luxury pillows, The Pillow Goddess

Some of the brooches I am taking to Atlanta! A beautiful heirloom brooch from the Main family was the inspiration for my work.

Finally on the way to Atlanta! We are off to AmericasMart, the trade show where I showcase my collections of handmade, custom luxury pillows as objets d’art. It has been a tough few weeks, but I am so ready to go! My collections have been carefully bundled up and sent on ahead. They are waiting for me in Atlanta.

I have been counting down the days until I leave. Believe me, the pressure has really been on my team to make a flawless appearance in Atlanta for Deborah Main Designs. Between the frenzied designing and frantic completion of every type of form I can think of, the days have been flying by. I have been blessed to have people to lean on. My PR people have done a wonderful job preparing for the elegant champagne and chocolate meet and greet event I have planned for the first evening.

Once again, my booth is on the High Design wall, but I have made a few changes since the January show. This time we will be going for elegance and simplicity. Instead of a back wall solid with tall shelves, I will have glass cases showcasing my jewels, and a few shelves where I will be debuting a brand new product! I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so keep your eyes peeled for the new line next week in pictures.

I have big plans for the trade show, but not just for my brand. I can’t wait to see the other booths and all of the wonderful people who made January’s show such a special occasion for me. In particular, I hope to see Kathy Ireland there. In January, she kindly stopped by my booth and was so encouraging of my work. Kathy Ireland is a gorgeous lady, a model turned businesswoman, who owns her own marketing empire. Since meeting her, she has been my inspiration to keep reaching for the stars!

Stay tuned for updates and as many pictures as I can post!

Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, design, fashion, vintage, textiles, jewelry, luxury, Luxury pillows, The Pillow Goddess

One of the pillows I am taking with me to Atlanta!

Deborah Main Designs, decorative pillows, design, fashion, vintage, textiles, jewelry, luxury, Luxury pillows, The Pillow Goddess

One of the gorgeous brooches I worked with!

Four Highlights of Atlanta Int’l Gift & Home Furnishings Mkt (Part II)

Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market: Part II The first time you set foot in Atlanta and hop a cab, you feel welcome! What a wonderful feeling!! I guess its that fine Southern hospitality, but its amazing how our team felt it in every nook and corner of Atlanta. From the kind taxicab driver who helped Andrea (my bestie and right hand lady) haul a heavy glass cabinet to the loading dock, to the hotel staff who served us shrimp tacos at any hour, to all the amazing vendors and staff at AmericasMart who ran for tape, shared their ladder and more. Our time in Atlanta was a whirlwind of busy days, long nights, and plenty of heaving lifting and hauling, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We could not be more grateful for the wonderful friendships we formed and invaluable insight we garnered from good-hearted, generous people from all over the world during our debut at AmericasMart.

High Design is the exclusive "Juried" section in Building 1, where beautiful new products debut. Aisle 500 where our booth #502 was against the art wall in the juried section of Atlanta Int'l Gift & Home Furnishings Market

There were many highlights of our time, eight days, in Atlanta during the January 2013 market, but we’ll start with these first four:

1) High Design rocks!!!  We loved being selected out of hundreds to exhibit in this white, bright beautiful space in Building1. Fashion rules in High Design with all the new, up and coming, design products:  from beautiful currency jewelry by Thad Cline, to bedding by new designer Antage Bleu to many long established companies as well.


Me with Danielle Mason Hosker, owner of the new luxury brand called Antage Bleu, also a first timer in High Design.

2) Our booth was a huge success! With having never done an international show with our own booth, and knowing we only had a certain amount of space to make our fixtures and pillows display beautifully, it all went off without a single hitch…miraculous!!  It felt awesome to receive such high compliments about how gorgeous our booth looked and so great to see buyers come in and say “You’re pillows are so different!”.  That’s the idea, and we loved receiving such wonderful feedback, thank you!!

Our custom two piece fireplace mantel designed by Brandon Smith of D. Coop Spatial Design. Perfect for storage and displaying our VIP pillows featuring vintage brooches. Also our glass case that held all our jewels!!

A corner snapshot of our booth, #502, with our assistant Patricia Tankey, who always keeps us laughing and smiling.


Me and my best friend from high school, Andrea Vanhoven, who flew from Vermont to help Patricia and I do our first International market!

3) Our neighbors (and AmericasMart staff!) were AWESOME and incredibly helpful!  How lucky we were to have our booth smack in between Seven Barks and Wendy Stevens. This is rather a long story, but here’s the short version. David Goodman is doing marketing for Seven Barks and Rebecca Ray, so he was the first person we met.  We instantly fell in love with him as he is the most generous and helpful man, even going to the extreme of going out and purchasing tape for us during set up.  This is a man who is a retired marketing expert from Vera Bradley and charming. We are so grateful for all the tips and advice he gave us on the spot!!  He also introduced us to Rebecca Ray, an incredible designer of American couture handbags using tanned leather. She was so kind too lending her expertise…she inspires us immensely.

Then, then on the other side, was seasoned veteran Wendy Stevens who designs these amazing “museum-quality” industrial handbags from steel. I wanted to collect every single one!!  And directly across from us, were more helpful neighbors, Mark and all his assistants, of The Maxiga Group, who sell the coolest kitchen gadgets and more. Whether it was loaning us a ladder, watching our booth so we could take a break,  giving us shrink wrap and boxes, or sharing valuable tips and LOTS of very helfpul advice, EVERYONE helped us tremendously!!  It made our very first experience absolutely memorable and wonderful!! Thank you!!! (And a special thank you to Peter Sullivan who made our lighting and walls perfect and Elizabeth Moss, the queen bee of High Design who answered a zillion questions).

Seven Barks (to our left) full of fun stationery, wrapping paper, cool dog and horse notecards and more.

Wendy Stevens (to our right) and her highly sought-after fashion handbags made of steel and leather. Please go to her website and

Here's part of our section of High Design: David Goodman our "on-the-spot-advisor", me, Andrea and Mark, the owner of the Maxiga Group with his amazing staff.

4) A special thank you to Kathleen Allen, with Veritas, my Texas mentor, who if not for the nudge she gave me last spring (‘Deborah, it’s time to do Atlanta!’), we would not have taken our brand national. And to my incredibly supportive husband of 29 years, David Latimer, who TOTALLY surprised me (which is rare!) with a dozen GORGEOUS red roses waiting for me in my hotel room after a full exhausting day of setting up our display.  Thank you with all my heart!!!

Gorgeous Veritas hand cut and polished glass vase.


Me and Kathleen Allen, of Veritas from Dallas Texas.

My roses! My beautiful, beautiful roses that my husband of 29 years surprised me with!


Keep watching our blog, cause we’re just getting started.  Next you’ll see what’s involved in setting up a booth like that and meet our first East coast account, Be On Park. In the meantime, please see more photos on our Facebook Fan Page, and designs from the show on our website Deborah Main Designs.  XO PG

P.s. If you want to receive our quarterly Pillow Talk newsletter, be sure to sign up on our website. Here’s the Spring 2013 one.


Texture Tuesday – Suede

Texture Tuesday featuring: suede trends and one of our Limited Edition pillows

Suede has made its appearance once again this upcoming fall season. Soft and tactile suede is making a statement in the fashion and home decor world. Offered in understated neutrals or soft hued colors, suede really hones in on the relaxed feel to the season’s fashion. But don’t just stop at neutrals and soft colors, bring it on in neon and bright shades as well. Suede these days has become a big player in Spring runway collections and now the appearance of suede in stores usually means that spring is right around the corner.

For suede to look appropriate in summer, it needs to feel light.  Colors like tan, beige, and light gray are great in the summer. So are strappy open styles that expose a lot of skin or lightweight suedes that drape on the body and are truly comfortable and wearable in warmer months. We love suede shoes with brightly colored summer dresses as well has suede jackets, which can spruce up every warm weathered outfit.

Suede furniture has become a staple in many homes and is easy to clean and soft to the touch. We love curling up on our suede couch and relaxing while staying out of the Austin heat! XO PG

Golden Antique French Doily on Brown Suede

Check out this suede pillow and more on our website at To place custom orders contact us at 512.447.9807 or

Texture Tuesday – Floral

Texture Tuesday featuring: floral prints and a pair of our Redbrick Modern pillows

This summer has been beautiful and full of blossoms and wildlife here in Austin. In honor of the flowers blooming everywhere, floral prints are our favorite trends this week. Vivid island colored flowers have hit the runways and now homes. Vintage fabrics are popular on many different home decor goods. Our favorite is upholstered on chairs or couches! So buy some fresh cut flowers today and enjoy the rest of your summer! XO PG

Aqua Silk Floral Brocade on Gold Italian Linen

We have tons of floral options on our website at To place custom orders, please contact our studio at 512.447.9807 or

Texture Tuesday Trends – Diamond Print

Texture Tuesday featuring: diamond prints and two of our Redbrick Modern pillows

Trending this week are diamond prints! From rhinestone textures to colorful prints – and a bedroom headboard to your fingernails -  this trend can be seen in a wide variety of interesting designs. It’s no secret that bold prints, and even pastels, are all the rage this season, so naturally diamond prints fit right in and must be next on our trend list. We like to think of it as a modern take on the classic argyle pattern that your seeing in fashion clothing and styling for the home.  Around for years, this pattern features a lot of textures and variation in coloring and size. Sometimes even a traditional pattern like this can be slightly twisted and elongated for a more modern take.  It adds a bit of jazz and brilliant texture to any object, yet remains classic and simple. We love quilted diamond prints on anything. So remember, diamonds are always a girl’s best friend! XO PG

Vintage Brown, Caramel, and Cream Scarf

Lavender Geometric Silk

You can find both of these pillows shown above, as well as other diamond prints, on our website at To place custom orders, please contact our studio at or 512.447.9807.

Texture Tuesday – Chain Link

Texture Tuesday featuring: chain link trends and one of our Redbrick Modern pillows

There is no denying that bold prints are all the rage this season! Chain link prints are equal parts party girl and Park Avenue princess. From Louis Vuitton to Stella McCartney, cheeky chain prints are having a moment, linking everything from accessories and ready-to-wear to sporty shoes. With a nod to ’80s hip-hop, the bling-heavy print adds a touch of glam with a slyly ironic wink. We’ve seen the look on the runways and on the streets of the hippest US cities. We love when this print is added to homes as well. So remember chain link prints are as good as gold this season! XO PG

Retro Mustard & Chocolate Brown Chain Link

You can find the pillow shown above, as well as others with trending prints, on our website at To place custom orders, please contact our studio at or 512.447.9807.