BRAND NEW Linen and Wood Series

Designer & Luxury Pillows

There are pillows. Then there are Deborah Main  pillows.

Artist Deborah Main’s vivid re-imaginings of the decorative pillow are collectible works of art.  Where museum-quality vintage meets contemporary style, her magnificent creations are exquisitely handcrafted into fabulous new forms in her private studio in Austin, Texas.

Dually inspired by her notable Hudson Valley heritage and the vibrant creativity of Austin, Deborah Main’s visual signature is easily recognized by collectors, editors and designers alike.

Each design is inspired by a prized piece of the past.  A 1930s Schiaparelli brooch. A 1960s Hermes scarf. A 1950s turquoise cocktail dress. Paired with rich Parisian velvet, sumptuous silk, fanciful feathers, and peekaboo zippers with impossibly long leather tassels, these  jewels and textiles are the essence of Deborah’s stunning creations.

The Deborah Main aesthetic is at once elegantly nostalgic and smartly relevant, which makes these witty objets d’art fascinating focal points for the most streamlined or opulent room, anywhere in the world.